Golf tee ball club driver in green grass course Take a swing at the golf ball and watch it fly. There is nothing more exciting than seeing it go through the air toward the green. Yet sometimes the ball just doesn't fly the way that you want it, as you see it sinking into the depths of a nearby water hazard. As you take out a new ball from the ball holder on your Cart Tek GRi-975Li electric trolley, you realize that you need to stock up on more golf balls. Yet which should you buy? Should you go with brand new balls or recycled balls? Even though the recycled balls are cheaper, will they work just as well as new golf balls?

The Facts About Recycled Golf Balls

Recycled balls are balls that have been recovered after being lost on a golf course. The balls may have been lost in a water hazard, in the rough or dug out of a sand trap. These balls are cleaned and sorted as they are examined to determine their condition. The balls will then be given a grade. Grades will range from "Excellent" where the ball is almost brand new and may have been played once or twice, to "Fair" and "Practice" where the golf ball was probably used constantly and now shows a bit of wear-and-tear. The golf ball will be priced based on the grade and resold to golf players across the country. Buying recycled golf balls can help you save money based on what type of grade you get. If you are teaching someone how to play the game, then you want to go with a practice ball or fair grade ball since if it is lost again it won't really matter. Excellent golf balls are great for players who love to get on the golf course as much as possible, as most players won't see any difference to their golf play. Consider buying both new and used golf balls. Use the new golf balls if you are playing a match against the boss or client and want to look professional. Stick with the used golf balls if you are just out to have fun and don't care if the ball will get lost. You will still have a great game as you can save a few bucks in your wallet.

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