Golf is a beneficial sport for many people, while it takes patience and practice it can be a great hobby for everybody. The benefits of walking while golfing, instead of taking a golf cart can good for both you and your body, and the environment. It has been said that golf is not a great workout because it tends to be stop and start, but if you start walking while playing it can become a great form of exercise. Physical benefits The physical benefits are clear, instead of riding along from hole to hole, you are forced to walk and get exercise. You can burn almost double the calories walking, as you would while riding in a golf cart. Some courses might offer an electric golf trolley for your golf bag, to make walking that much easier, or you always could use a golf caddy. Given the opportunity for burning calories, you also are able to get your heart rate up to a peak level while walking and playing golf. Walking nine holes on most courses, especially on a hilly course, can be the equivalent to a 2.5-mile-long walk. When you ride in a golf cart, you typically only get a half mile walk. Giving your back a break by using a remote controlled golf cart for your golf bag, is always an option, when walking. Another benefit of walking from hole to hole, is that your body stays loose throughout the entire round of golf. You can also see the course from a different perspective while walking, perhaps see a shot from another vantage point. Some think that the social benefits of walking outweigh riding in a cart. You have opportunity to interact with all of the players, rather than only those riding in a cart. Perhaps you can exchange techniques, or a great golf story with another player. Better experience A walking golfer has less of an impact on turf than a golf cart. Some clubs feature walking-only courses, which save money overall, due to no path and cart maintenance. Golf carts are actually quite rough on turf and grass, so by eliminating the cart you can make your playing field better, literally. A common misconception is that walking makes your game longer, but walking can make your golf game a shorter one. Instead of driving to each player’s ball, everyone walks individually to their own. An electric golf caddie, or push cart can make walking the course much easier. There are many ways to fit walking into your golf game, whether you ditch the cart altogether, or alternate walking holes with your golf partner, or ride the cart only on the path and walk to and from every hole. Some believe that those who walk and play golf shoot better scores than those riding in a cart, but we haven’t done enough research to confirm or deny this. So go ditch the golf cart, maybe try out an electric golf caddie, and enjoy the sights, sounds and health benefits of golf.
July 28, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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