If you consider the added health benefits of walking your favorite golf course with an electric golf caddy, especially a remote-control model that can lead or follow you like a well-trained and loving dog, then Cart Tek is for you.

The GRi-1500Li has been Cart Tek’s #1 selling motorized golf caddy since 2015. It’s practical, functional, and offers the most rugged aluminum frame on the market with aviation-grade 6061 aluminum. So, it’s really the way to go, unless, of course, you want to move up to the luxury provided by Cart Tek’s new Limited motorized golf trolley, the GRi-1500LTD.

And if you want to surpass your already proven and excellent remote-control electric trolley and step up to the best in the field, let us illuminate while you ruminate on a journey that will take you into the future of precision, luxury, and formidability.

What Sets the GRi-1500LTD So Far Apart

To begin with, the new LTD is designed with German gearboxes honed from the Porsche supply chain, with the highest efficiency, slimline 40 mm German designed motors produced in a cutting-edge CNC fabrication facility.

With aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless-steel components, the absolute best mechanical and electronic parts comprise a new level of sophistication enhanced by beautiful top-grain leather that graces the handle grips and bag rests.

The new LTD also stuns in a powder-coated frame set in gunmetal gray with waterproof ECU housing for inclement weather. But the GRi-1500LTD isn’t just a thing of beauty; its functionality will amaze even the most demanding player. The caddy’s slope control automatically corrects its tracking while charging up hills with adjustable turning force you control and four-speed presets. Or you can customize your LTD to fit your exact needs. Challenge it, and you will be amazed.

Comparing the Cart Tek LTD to other golf carts with remote control will only convince you of its superiority with proper trolley mode, unlike the simple stop button offered by wannabe competitors.

As for durability and ease, the GRi-1500LTD’s batter charges in a scant 3-4 hours and is ready for up to 36 holes on a single charge with a 24 Volt, 10 Ah Lithium-ion battery that weighs just 3.5 pounds.  The lightweight helps with the overall use of the caddy and storage. Rated at 500+ charge cycles, you’ll get years of service, and the LTD comes with a two-year limited warranty on the battery and a full two-year warranty on the precision and craftsmanship of the remote-control golf caddy.

At just 30 pounds - 22.5 with the quickly detachable wheels removed - you won’t have any trouble packing this beauty in your trunk. Folded dimensions are just 25.75" wide x 30" long x 11" tall.

As for its ease of use, the handle is fully adjustable from 36-inches to a height of 45 inches. And all you’ve got to do is point the cart where you want it to go, and the Active Steer Assistant does the rest. 

Why wait? You and your golf game deserve the best, so move up and enjoy the perks!

June 17, 2021 — Tyler Northrop

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