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Did You Know?

Over 65% of Golfers in Europe walk behind a powered trolley, and less than 5% of Americans use one?


Here’s The Problem You Face:  

Most American’s don’t know the great benefits to walking golf.

You spend your round riding in a golf cart, not being fully immersed in the course. Which means when you arrive up to your ball, you don’t have the extra crucial seconds to completely understand your lie. You feel rushed because your cart partner is waiting on you to go to his ball. Your anxiety builds up, then you duff your shot and take out a huge divot.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.

Let me introduce you to the incredible GRi-1500Li, a remote controlled lightweight electric trolley that carries your clubs so you can walk the golf course hassle free!

GRi-1500LiV2 in Gunmetal Gray with Accessories


  • It has a remote control so you can steer the caddie with push buttons which means you can have a natural, upright walking position.
  • It has a simple setup so you can get to golfing in 30 seconds which means you spend more time out on the course.
  • It has three modes (Remote, Trolley, and Free-Wheel) so you can have three carts in one for the ultimate value.
  • It has a powerful 24 volt lithium-ion battery so you can play up to two rounds without charging which means your caddie will be ready for every round!
  • It has programable settings so you can customize your cart to your walking style which means less button pressing and more focus out on the course.
  • And much more!

See The Attention To Detail​

Top Quality Caddies

It has precision welded aluminum so you have a lightweight and durable frame, which means your investment will last you a long time.

Including everything you need

When you buy from Cart Tek, you get everything you need to get started: Caddie, Battery, Charger and Remote!

Industry leading after sales support

Our Customer service rating is 98%!

Cart Tek: a leader in the golf trolley industry since 2007

Let Cart Tek Be Your Caddy!

The GRi-1500Li has a 98% customer satisfaction rating

Let’s Sum It Up: 

You receive a highly recommended, top of the line remote controlled golf caddy, and everything required to run it! Some additional benefits are: 

  • The battery is rated at over 500 charging cycles so you have a long life expectancy, which means your caddie will last and last.
  • It has dual high-torque motors so you can climb steep hills which means you can play any course you’d like.
  • It has drive wheel steering so you can maneuver around obstacles which means no matter where your shot is, your caddie is there.
  • It has an easy free-wheel mode so you can easily maneuver the cart which means you’re never stuck without your cart if you forget your battery.

All for only $1499!

If this was all that we were going to get, you can rest assured the GRi-1500Li would be a great value.  But when you order directly from  carttek.com you get some added bonus worth well over $200!

  • An umbrella holder to keep your and your clubs shaded from the hot sun or pouring rain, so you can perform your best in any weather.
  • As scorecard holder so you can quickly access your scorecard so you can quickly return to your game.
  • A large drink holder to carry your drinks so you can stay hydrated with your favorite beverages!
  • A caddy-pak to carry your extras like sweater, head covers, etc. so you can have quick and easy access when you need them!
  • Cart Tek covers any applicable sales taxes!
  • Cart Tek gives you FREE SHIPPING!

Is It OK If We Over Deliver?


Buy your very own Cart Tek GRi-1500Li and enjoy walking golf today!

Is It OK If We Over Deliver Some MORE?


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30 day money back guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you've had a change of heart, Cart Tek wants you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Golf Caddie / Cart / Trolley / Buggy, they’re all synonyms for a mechanical device that is designed to carry your golf bag and clubs.   They standard push carts started long ago, and have been vastly improved upon with the addition of electric motors in the 1980’s.   Since then, there have been many advances in not only battery technology and lightweight design, but also the addition of remote control operation.  

Electric golf trollies have been increasing in popularity in the US over the past few years.   Cart Tek has been a leader in the industry selling top of the line remote control electric trollies for over 12 years. 

Imagine that you’re walking down the fairway you get to take in the your upcoming shot.  You feel the hardness of the turf.  You can feel the slight downslope lie that you have.  When you are walking the course you are 100% immersed, and you have a much better connection to the game of golf.   When is the last time you saw a PGA Tour pro riding in a golf cart?   They don’t!  They walk like you and me!  The only difference is that they have a professional caddie carrying their clubs(and well they can shoot a whole lot better than me).  A remote caddie will lug your heavy clubs around the course and they never complain!  Put the old push cart away and embrace today’s technology for a better round of golf.  The only thing it can’t do is hand you the right club.  

YES!   We’re a little biased, but yes.   The 1500Li is a fan favorite among our customers, and is the right choice for anyone looking to perform better on their round of golf.  With it’s sleek design, top quality production, performance and longevity, this caddie will lug your clubs around for years to come.   If and when an issue arrises, you have an experienced staff fully backing the product, right here, in the USA – Bend, OR to be exact!

The GRi-1500Li comes ready to roll out of the box.  It comes with of course the cart, battery, charger and remote, but here at Cart Tek, we like to over deliver.  Is that okay with you?   If you order today we’ll include the following:  Scorecard and Ball holder, Umbrella holder, large drink holder, Caddie Pak for extra storage, and a few mystery goodies that we’re sure you’ll love.  

The average golf cart rental is $20/round, so your breakeven is 75 rounds.  If you play twice a week, you’ll get your money back in less than 9 months!  

Now, if you’re a golfer that gets to frequent courses where you have a human caddie, those caddie fees can be upwards of $150 per round.  This drastically changes the ROI to as little as 10 rounds.

Granted, this isn’t really what you’re looking for.   Many golfers will spend HUNDREDS of dollars per season on a single club; wood, hybrid, or maybe a putter.  All those tools are fine and dandy, but why not invest in something that is guaranteed to make your walking golf game easier?  When you’re not tired from pushing or carrying your clubs, you have the stamina to get that great swing each and every time you walk up to the ball.

The GRi-1500Li is our easiest remote cart to work with.  Simply attached the wheels, plug in your battery, mount your golf clubs, power up and you’re ready to roll in less than 2 minutes!   The 1500Li can be operated with the remote control, it can be operated as a “hands-free” self-propelled golf cart, or even if you forget the battery, you can push the cart in free wheel mode.   This is an extremely versatile caddie that can be used every day on the course.

The 10.4 amp hour battery is extremely robust.  It will power your cart for up to two full rounds on a single charge depending on course conditions.   We highly recommend charging the battery after every round for optimal battery life.   The charge time takes only about 5-6 hours, so it’s very convenient.   With proper care, the battery should last 500 charge cycles, or about 5 years if you play twice a week!

The GRi-1500Li is a fairly lightweight machine.  It’s made of 6061 Aluminum, and has a lightweight, yet powerful Lithium ion battery.  

The Frame and wheels weigh in at only 25 lbs, and the battery is 3.5 lbs. 

Often times, we’re able to ship the order the same-day, however, during the high demand times of the year, it could take a day or two to process your order. For shipping, we’re located in Bend, OR. So, depending on your location, the timeframe will change. Here is a delivery zone map for you to take a look at, to get a general idea of transit time. As a reminder, the carts come with Lithium-Ion batteries, and due to US regulations, they must be shipped via ground shipping only.  Also, Cart Tek covers all shipping costs, and applicable sales tax on new orders!

Here at Cart Tek we fully stand behind our products.  When purchasing factory direct, you receive a full two-year warranty!   If there are any manufacturer’s defects within the first year, we’ll cover the shipping.  Outside of the 1 year mark, we ask that you cover the shipping, and we’ll cover the parts and labor on our end.

Within 30 days of purchase, if a customer has a change of mind the cart can only be returned to Cart Tek providing:

  • The cart is completely unused and brand new 
  • It is in original packaging 
  • A return authority is obtained from sales@carttek.com
  • Owner will receive a refund upon receipt of goods, minus shipping costs and applicable fees

Within 30 days of purchase, the owners can return a used cart to Cart Tek providing:

  • A return authority is obtained from sales@carttek.com
  • It is in the original packaging 
  • Owner will receive a refund upon receipt of goods, minus shipping costs and applicable fees
  • 15% restocking fee applies (off the full retail price)

P.S. Cart Tek is a top quality cart, and we stand behind our products 100%. Join the thousands of satisfied Cart Tek users today. Your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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