Looking for the perfect gift idea for golf lovers this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with five of the hottest trending golf gadgets this year. If the golfer in your life likes to have the latest in golf gadgetry and gear, then consider purchasing one of the following top gifts for golfers this year. PHIGOLF GOLF SIMULATOR WITH SWING TRAINER CLUB If you are getting a little stir crazy this winter, we recommend this indoor launch monitor. Continue to get that practice in during those cold days we've come to expect during the winter months. More affordable than other simulators, the PhiGolf comes with a sensor to put on your club and it links up to your smartphone or TV. You can get data on each swing’s speed, path, and estimated carry distance that’ll help your game come spring. GARMIN APPROACH S20 GOLF WATCH This GPS-enabled golfing watch can be a huge asset when you are on the course. These help on judgement shots and have been found to be very accurate. The cost around $180 and include a round analyzer that measures shot distances with auto-recording for post-round analysis on your Garmin Connect account. It also has activity training, stat tracking, it’s truswing compatible, sunlight readable, high resolution and has a stylish comfort. This is a perfect gift to pair with your new remote control golf caddy. GARMIN APPROACH Z80 GOLF LASER RANGE FINDER Known as the most technologically advanced range finder on the market, this gadget is useful in many ways. It tells you how far you are away from the flag, has the image of the green on the scope so you know the distance between the back and the front of the green. A perfect addition to your electric golf trolley, giving way to more efficient course time and reduces needless walking. It’s one of the more expensive gifts you could give for your golf enthusiast, but well worth it for accurate golfing. Runs about $600. MEDICUS DA DUAL HINGED DRIVER If you are ready to seriously improve your golf game, this is the gift for you! This driver will help you improve your technique by identifying problem areas, so you can learn how to go about fixing them. The Dual Hinge helps to correct your swing, helps to improve your consistency, distance and accuracy. It also helps with ball flight. You can improve your swing tempo, path and plane, control your clubface and hit on target shots. This helps train your muscles to use the right form. The driver runs about $160.
November 15, 2018 — Dick Northrop

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