Hitting the golf course on your own is a great way to practice your skills before your golf partner arrives to play a game. With beautiful scenery and 18 holes of challenges, River's Edge continues to be one of the best golf course located in Oregon. Whether you are already a great golfer or are still looking to get into your stride, there are several things you can do to help improve your skills and become a better golfer. Check out the following 4 tips to improve your golf game: 1. Select the right club based on more than the length to the hole Which club do you reach for when you are playing on a long hole? Which one do you choose when you are up against a short hole? If you said that you always use short clubs on short holes and long clubs on long ranges, then this tip is for you. There are so many other factors to consider when you need to select the right club. First, consider your approach shot so you place the ball at the right distance so you can finish the hole with the least number of shots. Also, consider the types of hazards, wind and terrain conditions to select the club best suited for each shot. 2. Use the wind to your advantage People curse the wind when it appears on the golf course as they believe that they have to work extra hard to get the ball to the hole. Make adjustments to your game and use the wind to your benefit. Try to use the wind to guide the ball where you want it to land, instead of trying to get the ball to fight the wind by using all the power you can muster. Think about how hard the wind may be blowing from the left, right, front and back. Then consider how you want to move your ball. 3. Consider your alignment Alignment is an important aspect when you get ready to swing. Yet you shouldn't be relying on where you align your body in relation to where the hole is in the distance. Instead, you want to get on the other side of the ball and align your sight in the direction to the hole so you understand the aim you want to take in your mind. Move your clubface behind the ball so it is aligned to the target. Then you want to get into your stance and make your swing. 4. Always finish your bunker shot Golfers can get frustrated when they see their ball going toward the sand trap. So by the time they are ready to make their shot, they are already irritated as they make chopping and digging half swings. This only makes the club dig further into the sand along with the ball. Instead, you want to make a full finish swing with your wedge as you can calmly get your ball lifted and toward the hole. Use the above tips to improve your golf game when you are out on the course so you can practice your skills and become a better golfer. In time, these tips will become muscle memory and instinctive to your mind and body as you will find them simple to perform.
January 22, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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