Golf is a great hobby for nearly everyone, but the downside of golf is that it’s not the most cardio-friendly sport. Trust us, it takes an athlete to play a great round of golf, there’s no denying that. The disadvantage of golf is that you ride in a golf cart, rather than walking. So ditch the cart and find the perfect remote control caddy. Enjoy the course, the social engagement and play some golf. Physical benefits If you ditch the cart, and walk from hole to hole, you stand the chance to burn almost twice as many calories than a regular game. Rather that carrying your bag from hole to hole and risking a back injury that might affect your game, try using a remote control golf bag. If you walk the course you’re able to get your heart rate up to a healthy level while playing golf, making the game that much more beneficial for you. Some courses, especially hilly courses can equal a 2.5-mile-long walk. Versus if you take a golf cart on the course, you’d typically only walk about half a mile. By walking from hole to hole, your body doesn’t have to adjust to different attitudes, like climbing in and out of golf cart. You’ll find that your body will stay looser than normal, enabling a better swing. It also gives you the opportunity to see the course from a different perspective, potentially helping you see a difficult hole in a different light. Course Benefits Walking golf has less impact on the course than a golf cart. Simply put, it’s better for the grass. A new trend that courses are offering is a walking-only course that differs from the main golf course. Walking-only courses are less expensive to maintain, because of the lack of damage from golf carts. Social benefits Some people think that a walking game of golf will take longer, but if you add in the time you take driving to everyone’s ball vs. the time it would take for everyone to simply walk to their own, you may find that the time doesn’t add up as much as you think it does. If you routinely play golf with a large group of people, walking the course will enable you to interact with all members of your group, rather than just those within your cart. There are lots of options for walking on the golf course; you can alternate walking holes, only ride the cart on the path, or walk the entire course. Whatever you choose, enjoy the day, the course and the game.
March 20, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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