A golfer takes a cell phone call while his fellow golfer asks him to get off his phone and just play Golf is called a, "gentleman's game" for a reason. When taking to the links, a person is supposed to adhere to etiquette rules so that everyone enjoys this great sport. By showing respect to other golfers, keeping the game flowing on time, and showing your professionalism no matter at what skill level you are will also encourage other golfers to demonstrate the same respect toward you. Here at CartTek, we are providing the golf caddy tools to make the game easier to play. We offer a wide range of remote golf caddies, electric golf trolleys and golf cart accessories so you can enjoy walking golf. We have gathered together the best golf etiquette tips for beginners whether they are playing on their own or out with a group. 1: Turn off the cell phone ringer It is fine to use your cell phone apps to keep track of your golf skills and find out information about the current course you are playing. But to have a ringing phone out on the green or talking to someone while another golfer is walking up to the tee is not good etiquette. If you have to take calls while out on the course, move away from other golfers and speak softly. Then keep the ringer off for the rest of the game. 2: Make your tee times It's always a good rule of thumb to arrive early for the tee time so you are out on the course with your entire group. You want to leave yourself with enough time to warm up without causing other groups to miss their tee times. Also, have everything you need to play the game so you are not heading back to the car because you forgot a box of tees. 3: Keep up a steady pace Slow play can annoy everyone in your group. It should take between 30 to 40 seconds to make your shot, not 4 to 5 minutes. Keep up your pace with the group ahead of you so you are not slowing down the group behind you. If the slow play is because you are carrying your bags, select a CartTek electric trolley or remote golf caddy to help carry your bags. 4: Always fix the ground after a shot You wouldn't want to swing on ground that is damaged, and neither does anyone else. If your swing took a big chunk of turf out, replace the divot if you can. If you can't find the divot because it broke apart too much at impact, then use the seed mix container that you attached to your golf caddy or use the toe of your shoe to push in the dirt edges and then smooth the grass with your club. 5: Always keep your anger in check Yes, golf can be a frustrating sport. But it doesn't mean you can scream loudly to distract other players or throw your clubs up into the air. These actions are rude to the other golfers on the course and can be a dangerous safety hazard. Take a small walk to let off some steam while the other golfers in your group make their shots, or let out the frustration on the next ball you hit and let it fly.
November 05, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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