Golf Golf Shoe Equipment Golf Ball Shoe Tee Ball Offering the finest collection of Electric golf trolleys and remote controlled caddies, CartTek provides golfers with the chance to get into walking golf to promote a healthy lifestyle while enjoying the scenery of the course. You can enjoy walking flat and hilly courses as the caddy keeps up with you at the touch of a button. Yet to enjoy the walk and golf game even more, you need to have the right walking golf shoes on. Golf shoes need to have three important elements: traction, stability and comfort. If the golf shoe lacks any of these elements, then you could end up having sore feet or a poor golf game before reaching all 18 holes. We are providing a list of the best Men's golf shoes that you may want to try on so you can enjoy a better game in comfortable footwear. ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 Guessing about what types of shoes will satisfy the needs of male golfers was not something that ECCO wanted to do. They wanted actual measurements and opinions before producing the right shoes. That's what the company did when creating the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 men's golf shoes. They scanned over 2,000 feet to make a shoe that is more anatomically supportive. The shoe is lightweight, has 800 traction angles on the outsole, and a silicone insole to cradle your foot and keep it from shifting about. TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro The street-style movement for golf shoes still holds strong with the TRUE Linkswear Game Changer Pro. The shoe company has recently focused on cleated models as they have placed in PMT technology into these men's shoes to offer increased balance. Other desired features are the ethyl vinyl acetate midsole combined with the lighter thermoplastic polyurethane outsole for the flexibility a golfer needs in his shoes for making a great swing as well as walking from hole to hole. FootJoy HYPERFLEX When you are looking for a golf shoe that will cause as much envy as your gameplay, then the FootJoy HYPERFLEX can catch the attention of anyone rolling along on their golfing cart as you walk with your GRi-1500Li remote controlled golf caddy from CartTek. This golf shoe has a waterproof mesh for breathability and comfort as the FlexGrid exoskeleton prevents the foot from slipping or rolling during the swing. Combine these features with a flexible and conforming insole and you will wear these shoes no matter what the weather is at the course. Your feet are your livelihood whether you are walking around the office at your job or going from hole to hole on the golf course. You want the right shoe that can handle the course terrain as well as keep up with your electric trolley or remote-controlled caddy. Get the shoes that will work for your preferences in style, comfort and flexibility to have a better time playing golf. Then let CartTek provide you with an electric golf trolley to help carry your clubs. Here at CartTek, we provide electric trolleys and caddies with remote controls so you don't have to lug around heavy clubs. You will find more energy to play additional golf games when not dealing with the aches and pains in your back and shoulders created from your golf bag.
December 15, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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