As the 2022 golf season heats up, it’s a good idea to look at some of the best remote control golf carts available. Remote-controlled golf carts have a tremendous impact on players of all ages with health benefits that resonate with golfers.

Lugging 30-pounds of uncomfortable and shifting weight over your shoulder is a receipt for disaster. The crushing weight on your spine can cause long-term distress, negating many of the great benefits of a round of golf. Why take a beating from your golf bag when you can enjoy walking the course with a brand-new electric golf cart?

Cart Tek continues to be the industry leader for electric carts of all types with a reputation that spans 15-years, holding the highest rating (A+) offered by the Better Business Bureau. The Cart Tek GRi-1500Li V2 offers the ultimate in electric golf caddies that carry your bag, accessories, and even your scorecard on a fully adjustable handle - and stay on a pace right at hand and easily programmed with the push of a button.

A remote-control golf cart does the heavy work for you so that you can enjoy your game, your company, and your day in the sun. You can easily carry an umbrella while contemplating your next shot if you get some rain. Like getting three carts in one, a Cart Tek remote control pushcart is highly versatile and can be used in freewheel mode or switched instantly to remote or trolly use.

Cart Tek carts are known for their sleek aluminum frames - lightweight but extremely durable - and fantastic stability on dual rear wheels and a single-wheel front.

  1. Cart Tek’s GRi-1500Li V2 is an organically redesigned advance from Cart Tek’s #1 selling motorized golf caddy, the original GRi-1500Li. The GRi-1500Li is equipped with Cart Tek’s latest Slope Control technology! Our newly designed Active Steer Assist technology allows the motorized golf caddy to tackle all terrains on the golf course. This model also features wireless paring remote control for outstanding precision programming and the ultimate follow-along performance with four factory speed settings and the ability to pre-program your own!

    Set in sleek aluminum, the base houses billet aluminum wheel hubs. Precise welding gives the aviation-grade 6061 aluminum durability for years of continued use. In action, the cart’s two tall back wheels provide unreal traction while the single front wheel allows maximum turn capabilities. A fourth rear wheel offers superior stability, led by Cart Tek’s new Slope Control technology.

    Available in a choice of colors - black, gunmetal gray, silver, and white - the GRi1500Li V2’s frame is powder-coated for a beautiful hard finish, more formidable than conventional paint.
  2. Cart Tek’s GRi-1500LTD V2 offers the ultimate Cart Tek technology with fully functional remote-control capabilities, including mode, speed, adjustable turning force, and even proper trolley mode. The slimline 40 mm German-designed motors are hidden away inside the aluminum frame, leaving a polished design with superior speed and dependability powered by a 24-volt, 10-Amp Lithium-ion battery weighing just 3.5 pounds.

    But don’t let the weight fool you. The battery comes with a two-year limited warranty, is rated at 500+ charges, and is fully charged in less than four hours. Afterward, you’ve got up to 36-holes of remote-control comfort from that single charge ahead of you!

    The GRi-1500LTD V2 remote control caddy automatically reassesses and corrects tracking, so climbing hills and descending slopes is a breeze. It also features handgrips and bag rests set in top grain leather for added comfort and visual appeal. It also features stainless-steel accessories that add a shine and sparkle not seen on other carts - all set against a gunmetal gray, powder-coated frame.

    Remember, this versatile cart can also operate as a powered golf cart. The handle is adjustable from 36 to 45 inches, and the entire card folds down to just 25.75” wide x 30” long x 11” tall. The frame weighs just 22.5 pounds with the quickly detached wheels removed and fits easily in a car trunk or even the back seat.
  3. Cart Tek’s Yellowstone is a strong, tireless, electric pushcart with an option ($100) to go fully remote, all for a very reasonable price. The powder-coated steel frame comes in high-gloss silver or black and features Cart Tek’s famous all-stable wheelbase and anti-tip rear wheel.

    The 29-Volt, 8.8 Amp Lithium-ion battery charges quickly and keeps the dual 240-watt motors running smoothly for up to 27 hours of fun in the sun. To help you enjoy your round, no matter the weather, accessories include an umbrella holder, a drink holder, and, of course, a scorecard holder, so you can study the hole’s layout as you plan your next shot. Yellowstone comes with a full one-year warranty on the battery and the cart.

Top Benefits of a Remote-Control Golf Cart

Golf is a physical game. The better shape you are in, the better you’ll feel and perform on the golf course. Having your clubs settled safely on your electric golf trolley is the best way to keep your shoulders loose! So, you can say “goodbye” to doctor bills from hefting your bag for hours. And your scorecard will thank you since your swing is directly affected by your playing patterns, muscle memory, and flexibility.

Another great benefit of a remote-control golf caddy is that you won’t need to carry two or three clubs to the back of the green for your next chip shot - and you’ll save money by never leaving a club or a headcover behind! And there’s no need to carry tees in your pocket with your cart always nearby.

Beside the tee box, you’ll find your scorecard holder is right there in a perfectly angled holder so that you can study the fairway for any potential trouble spots. Then, choose the exact club you need, and away you go, happy to walk the course knowing everything is within reach, and you’re saving serious cash by skipping the riding cart rentals.

While any round of golf is good exercise, you’ll feel more in tune with the course and enjoy the added benefits of walking the fairways, not just a few steps to the tee and green. No matter which walking cart you choose, you’ll find that although you’re getting more steps in, you’ll also feel more robust as the days pass, which leads to the stamina you need each round as the last few holes arrive.

Walking the course offers score-improving benefits too. You’ll gain a better feel for wind direction and speed and where you want your next shot to land. The walking helps clear your head and allows you to focus on how to hit your next shot and which golf club will do the best job. That intention helps avoid the disconnect many golfers feel as they head back to a riding cart and get involved with other thoughts.

As for tracking your shots, that’s up to you, but players walking the course gain a more intimate knowledge of good and bad spots to aim their golf balls and are more likely to find balls that get caught in deep rough or go out of bounds. When that does happen, it’s always good to have a few extra minutes to assess the damage and make good next-shot decisions instead of rushing. Walking gives you time to see the surrounding layout and make the best choices.

Having a high-quality electric push cart from Cart Tek brings peace of mind and the inevitable stares from your golf buddies, but don’t blame them for envying your new golf caddy. You just went with the best.

Upgrade Your Game Today

Having the right equipment is essential to an enjoyable, quality round of golf. Upgrading your game by including Cart Tek will likely surprise you with better endurance, a more nuanced feel for your favorite course, and a new synergy you’ve missed in the past. And remote-control programming makes a world of difference.

Even if you’re technically challenged, Cart Tek’s top-quality remote control carts are easily programmed in minutes. Our non-remote electric golf push carts are also very quick and easy to use, from the best-selling GRi-975Li to the brand-new Galaxy Titan Golf Trolley, these carts feature top-of -the-line technology. They offer variable speed control and climb challenging hills effortlessly while descending rough terrain with automatic downhill speed control.

The carts offer long-life lithium-ion batteries that are quick to charge from any standard electrical outlet. Then your best golf buddy can run smoothly for up to 36 holes from that single charge. After your outing, the cart folds down with the click of a button for easy storage.

Cart Tek li-ion batteries provide peace of mind with excellent battery life. They include a prorated two-year warranty period based on the number of charges, time used, and maintenance history.

Now is the perfect time to choose a new Cart Tek with a black, gunmetal gray, white, or silver frame. When you do, the shipping is free within the Continental U.S. Order now, and your cart will come with a host of freebies, including an adjustable scorecard holder, drink, and umbrella holder. Plus, we’re offering three additional gifts: a free caddie pak, a belt clip, and a tool kit. Don’t miss out!

April 14, 2022 — Tyler Northrop

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