There's nothing like the thrill and ease of using a high-quality electric push cart, and that's why Cart Tek is proud to lead the electric golf caddie market in both innovative design and the highest quality products that continue to evolve and fill the needs of golfers worldwide.

Top Electric Golf Push Carts

Electric push carts or golf trolleys aren’t the bulky cart bag carriers that players had to drag across the course back when Johnny Miller and Lee Trevino were big names. And if Cart Tek manufactures them, they are engineering marvels with over 25 years of bold and innovative upgrades that make walking the course a real pleasure.

Cart Tek prides itself on manufacturing the best products in the industry - with a progressive series of electric golf carts that go from sleek and slim electric carts to remote control marvels that offer factory preset cruise control as well as multiple player-set functions. And while they may be called push carts and pull carts, they all sport strong, quiet, electric motors with long-lasting lithium batteries that offer hundreds of rounds of enjoyable golf and seamless functions you’ll love immediately.

Different companies may offer an electric cart or two, but only Cart Tek offers an extensive selection of high-functioning, sleek and sophisticated golf carts at excellent prices that suit any budget. In addition, we also offer an exclusive line of golf accessories for our electric golf caddies that help push the envelope to take your golf outing to a new realm of ease and enjoyment our competitors can only dream of.

Why use half your day’s physical energy hefting a cumbersome golf bag or pulling a cart through miles of play when you can enjoy an effortless experience with the best electric cart on the market?

Top Benefits of an Electric Golf Push Cart

When you buy the best electric push cart on the market, you can expect to be satisfied, and Cart Tek is proud of its 97 percent customer satisfaction rating and nearly 2000 five-star reviews. And beyond the overall quality and durability of every cart, customers rave about the benefits their golf games receive.

One upside that sometimes goes overlooked is substantial cost savings. An electric golf trolley can save you plenty of cash because you won’t be renting a motorized cart. Imagine saving $12 to $40 every round of golf and reaping the other benefits that an electric golf caddy can offer.

Golfers also report savings from always keeping their bag within reach. How often have you abandoned your riding cart with two or three clubs in your hands for fringe and sand play only to find out later that you left one of your trusted wedges behind, perhaps never to be seen again? It happens, but not when your electric golf push cart is by your side.

If you’ve been carrying your golf bag, reducing that crushing stress on your shoulders and spine by switching to an electric golf caddy will be an added relief as you traverse the golf course. And imagine what the reduced strain and added energy will do for your golf scores!

If you’ve grown accustomed to using a riding cart, you’ll be amazed at the added vitality and stamina you’ll build walking the course with a high-quality golf caddy. It’s great exercise without that heavy bag's added struggle and exertion across your shoulder. The change in your overall game will likely surprise you, easily exceeding your best expectations.

Driving through the trees and interacting with a golf course can be invigorating. Still, the experience is greatly enhanced when you experience all the benefits of walking the course at ease with an electric cart, especially if it’s equipped with a remote control caddy. Not worrying about driving off the cart path, whose ball to head for first, and which clubs to take are taxing on your brain, while having a chance to measure your distance and consider club options that come more easily while walking the course.

Most players do experience improved focus and make better club decisions while walking, especially when confronted with difficult wind conditions and questionable lies. They also find that time seems to condense, and they aren’t hurried when mulling over their best options. Again, in-course corrections, club options, and time to get mentally prepared for each shot are critical to better scores. All are heightened with a walking cart on your favorite course.

One thing you may have to experience with a new Cart Tek electric caddy is some good-natured comments from your golf buddies. While your friends may own a manual push cart or even an off-brand electric, seeing you breeze through the fairways effortlessly with a sinisterly glistening and polished aluminum or titanium-framed Cart Tek electric caddy can prompt a little envy - until they see the error of their ways and get hooked-up with their own Cart Tek beauty.

Upgrade Your Game Today

Instead of being envious of the benefits and fun your fellow golfers are experiencing, upgrade your game today to the near-perfection of Cart Tek technology. Yes, they are beautiful to behold, but they aren’t delicate - quite the opposite. And all carts have adjustable handles to fit any golfer.

Cart Tek takes long strides, so you can thrive on any golf course. They handle corners easily and trek up the steepest hills with equal ease. Then, on the other hand, their excellent downhill speed control keeps your cart and bag safe and in check. And if you ever want to switch over to a manual push cart, a single button puts you in complete control.

At the heart of all Cart Tek electric golf carts is a high-power, long-lasting lithium-ion battery built for years of charges and hundreds of rounds of golf. They charge fast, and on our best-selling GRi-975Li model electric push cart, the battery slips into your golf bag, so it’s safe from heat and moisture. And since our excellent German-designed integrated high torque motors are hidden away inside the cart’s thin but highly durable aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frame, other golfers may never know it’s an electric trolley. And it weighs just 28 pounds.

Still, if you’d prefer to mount the battery on the cart’s frame, we’re flexible and offer a battery basket perfect for the job. A single charge equals about 36-holes of golf, so keep right on playing if you want. And if you want other options like colored wheels, we’ve got those too! The powder-coated frame is available in gloss white, black, and silver.

The GRi-975Li model also has oversized drive wheels that always maintain maximum control. A great feature that goes with Cart Tek’s excellent downhill braking system. The variable speed control includes last speed memory and a 10-second distance feature if you want to send your cart away from your shot line, rain, or a water hazard.

Cart Tek’s latest addition to their electric family is the Yellowstone, a versatile (convertible to remote for just $100) and rugged electric cart featuring a 29-volt, 8.8-amp-hour capacity battery powering dual 240w motors and an anti-tip back wheel standard. Accessories include a drink holder, an umbrella holder, and a center-spot scorecard holder. All that is built around a powder-coated steel frame in high-gloss black or silver, weighing 33 pounds.

If the overall weight of your new electric push cart is critical, Cart Tek offers the lightest caddie on the US market - the impressive Galaxy Titan. At only half the weight of the Yellowstone, the Titan features a handcrafted titanium frame that weighs just nine pounds! And, of course, it comes with a titanium umbrella holder and a titanium scorecard holder.

Along with luxurious styling comes a fully integrated 32mm high torque motor. Electric and remote functions include last-speed memory from the variable speed control function, downhill braking, and exceptional distance functions that allow you to send your cart out in 10 and 20-second intervals. The Titan also comes with a padded carry-all travel bag. 

Get Ready for Golf Season

No matter which Cart Tek model electric golf push cart you choose, now is the time to be ready for the season and take advantage of free shipping within the continental US.

Right now, the GRi-975Li comes with a new “T” handle that includes a host of freebies, including an adjustable scorecard holder, a drink holder, and an umbrella holder. Order now, and you’ll also get a free Caddie Pak.

If you want to go straight to an electric remote-control golf caddy, Cart Tek’s unique GRi-1500 series of carts are all on sale and come with a free stainless steel scorecard holder, a large drink holder, and a beautiful umbrella holder. If you order today, a free Caddie Pak, belt clip, and tool kit are also included! So don’t miss out.

May 26, 2022 — Tyler Northrop

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