Golf season is almost over, and you’re eking out a last few rounds until the snows come. While playing golf in cold or freezing weather is quite different than on a hot summer’s day, it can still be a fun challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to keep cold weather golf enjoyable, and to prevent your game from suffering too much. Walk, don’t ride While walking golf is healthier for you, and there’s definitely been a big push for more players to move toward no golf carts, it’s even more beneficial in colder months. Try using an electric golf caddy instead of a golf cart. If you walk a course in the cold, rather than ride in a golf cart you will stay a lot warmer. Walking from hole to hole will keep your body moving, and it may keep your swing looser. Even in the summer, walking helps to loosen up the body. Getting in a golf cart after every hole, changes your posture and your body must adjust to the attitude of swinging at every hole. Warm your hands While walking the course keeps your body from getting too cold, it’s important to keep your hands warm too. Invest in some small handwarmers. They’re relatively cheap, and they do the job nicely. Keep the handwarmers in your pockets, and consider wearing one or two layers of gloves. If your hands get too cold you’ll lose control of your golf club swing. Keeping your golf ball warm It’s a little-known fact, but golf balls don’t travel as far in colder weather. You can lose up to 3 to 5-yard distance for every 10 degree drop in temperature. Try keeping your ball in your pocket between holes. Also try to play smarter. You may need to take a few extra swings, to achieve the shot you want, but it’s better than many extra swings. Layers are key Bring and wear plenty of layers. While you may start your game off cold, changes are you warm up after a few holes. So wear your warm clothes in layers, so that they’re easy to take off, and put back on. You also don’t want to wear to many bulky layers, as it may affect your swing. Take Away Try not to hold your usual golf standards to your cold weather game. It can be especially tricky with conditions, layers and the way the cold weather could affect your swing, the ball and the course. Enjoy that you’re out on the course, and playing golf in the cold weather. At any rate, the more golf you play, the better your golf game gets, even if it’s cold weather golf.
December 13, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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