electric golf caddiesWhen fall weather hits your local golf courses, many operators close up shop in anticipation for the winter season as the crowds decrease and people head home to dream of golfing to great success when spring arrives. Yet a few people simply wash off their clubs and hit the course even when the snowflakes start to fall from the sky. Winter Golf Is Out There For The Diehard Player Obviously, winter golf isn't for the faint of heart or for people who hate the cold weather. Yet by making a few adjustments to your game, you can enjoy the number of benefits to playing this sport throughout the winter. One of the top advantages are the absence of players as you can literally have the course all to yourself. Just keep in mind that playing winter golf should be more of a fun activity to have something to do during this season rather than trying to improve your golf swing. The winter conditions might throw you off your usually performance. Just grin and keep swinging the club as you can spend time out with your golf buddies.

Tips for Playing Golf in Cold Weather

Dress Warmly First off, dress for the weather. You have to keep the fingers warm and your body moving to generate the needed heat. So layer up in clothing that won't restrict your swing, wear mittens or even two pairs of gloves, and keep the hand warmers handy. You should also just get the idea of using a golf cart out of your head. Walking is better for the body and will keep you warmer. To ease the burden of carrying your clubs, use a trolley or caddy to make it up those hilly courses. Also, keep hydrated. Use The Right Golf Balls A white golf ball against freshly fallen snow will disappear from sight. Switch over to colored golf balls so you can find it on the course. Some people also suggest that you warm the balls on a radiator and keep them in your pockets when on the course. Warm balls supposedly will travel farther than colder balls. Use The Preferred Lies (Winter Rules) There are rules in place for fair gameplay during the winter. Read through the rules to avoid penalties and to take advantage of the benefits so you can increase the fun when out on the golf course. One rule allows you to pick up the ball, mark your spot and clean it when playing in adverse weather. So make sure to wipe all the mud away so you have a better shot toward the hole.
December 29, 2014 — Natalie Montoya

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