Teen golfer ready to drive As our world becomes more technology focused, geared towards efficiency and continues to break further away from the old mindsets and expectations that have been traditionally upheld, so is the world of golf continuing to evolve and progress. Some golf trends have begun to gain momentum in recent years and 2015 may just be the year where they really take off and stick around. The following trends are what you can expect to witness in the golf world during the following year. Technology Enabled Equipment The advancing world of technology is not just limited to your iPhone – it is reaching the world of golf as well. Technology emerging in 2015 includes hot items like the Apple Watch and other advanced watches such as the Garmon Approach S6 and Zepp Golf Sensor. These technologies monitor your wrist and hip movement to help improve your game so you can always be improving, coach or no coach. Other technologies include electric golf caddies to increase your mobility around the course if you are looking to walk it without the weight of the clubs. Increased Travel As golf continues to become more and more popular around the world, there has been an increase in travel to various courses that are now located all around the world. Travel is becoming a popular way to not only see new places but test your skills on the various courses and terrains as well as experience the dynamic scenery that the world of golf has to offer. Additionally, as the baby boomers begin to retire, they now have the time and have saved up the funds to be able to enjoy this golfing luxury trend. Catering to Women Golf, since its invention in the eighteenth century, has traditionally been a man’s sport. This was not due to the sport itself in particular, but rather the culture of the sport which fostered to the traditional social life of men. However, golf is now becoming more popular among the ladies as well and with this new trend, golf facilities and clubs will begin to become more accommodating for women. This will look like more accommodating facilities for women and possibly even nurseries as an option for families to bring their children in to the club while both mom or dad hit the course. Popularity in Asia In countries such as Vietnam, China, Korea, India and Thailand, which have become overall more wealthy in recent years, now have consumers who are able to spend more money and time on leisure activities. Also similar to the younger player trend, golf in these Asian countries has seen an increase in playing among young children with more excitement then seen in traditional countries where golf has been popular. On top of the increase in popularity among Asian inhabitants, golf tourism in these Asian countries, along with many Middle Eastern countries, has seen a huge boom in recent years and has become a significant source of profit for the tourism industries. Younger Players Golf is one of the last sports with a traditionally older community to begin to be dominated by younger players. Other sports such as Tennis and Chess have already begun to see this trend in recent years and now golf is following the pattern. Like the increase in popularity among women, this trend is also most likely due to the changing of the times and culture of the sport more than anything else. Additionally, golf has been working to recruit players from various Asian countries to the game, like discussed above, which includes recruiting their younger players as well. Shorter Courses In a world of busy schedules and time crunches, the leisurely game of golf has become too much of a time consumer for many players. With this in mind, many resorts and golf clubs have begun to design shorter courses to be more accommodating to tighter schedules. These accommodations include shorter formats of six, nine and twelve holes. Less holes still gives people the opportunity to get out on the course and hit some balls but does not pressure them into playing for hours and hours. Already courses have begun designs to build these shorter courses and there are even plans to hold competitions with these formats in mind. Whether you are a young player looking to get involved in the game or an experienced one with a yearning to see what the world’s courses have to offer, you won’t be alone this year. Emerging golf trends in 2015 will make the game more dynamic, efficient, and expansive and are sure to add to the overall positive face and popularity of the sport.
July 23, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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