It’s that time of year. The tourists have gone home, and the kids have gone back to school. You finally have the golf courses to yourself. It’s time to enjoy your game, your golf strokes and the feeling of fall. Perks of fall golf Now that the courses are less crowded, some golf courses might start offering deals to play. It can be more affordable to play a round of golf in the fall. Enjoy the less crowded courses, take the time to focus on your game or enjoy your golfing companions. Chances are you won’t have teams or groups lined up behind you to take a shot at a hole, so take the time to improve your swing. Golf gear tends to go on sale in the fall. Clubs go on discount and it’s the best time to invest in apparel. Invest in an electric golf caddy and take the time to figure it out on a less crowded course. You can even get in a few practice swings with your new gear if you’re lucky before the really cold weather arrives. Get attuned to your new golf gear in the less completive golf games of fall, and be ready to play when the spring comes. Fall weather Some people enjoy the change of weather and how it effects their golf game. A brisk wind keeps your mind sharp when you’re shooting out on the course. One of the secret perks to playing fall golf is that it does get colder at night and that the course is hardening up. The ground is getting harder and the grass isn’t growing as fast, which makes it easier for your golf ball. You’ll get an extra roll on your ball and won’t have such a hard time finding it in taller grass. Playing in the fall can also offer beautiful sights and views no matter where you live. It can offer the splendors of fall foliage or any sort of view. You don’t have to worry about a hot day ruining your fun on the golf course, or worrying about a sunburn. You might have to throw on an extra fall layer or two, or bring a light jacket in your electric golf caddy, but the cooler weather may make it more enjoyable. Get out there Enjoy your fall rounds of golf, they could very well be the last rounds of golf that you play until the warmer seasons arrive. You never know when rain could come or the first sprinkling of snow could arrive. Some of your best and most relaxed days of golf could still be ahead in the fall season. Enjoy it.
September 16, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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