We’ve all experienced difficult shots on the course, ones that make us truly question how evil course architects actually are. While it might be their favorite way to torture us, the best revenge is success. When the hole looks really narrow from the tee, we’re here with a few tips to hit the golf ball straight, right down the middle. Visualize it While it can be hard to get your head in the game after a bad shot or two, it’s important to reign your emotions in, and focus. A sure way to blow the shot is to psyche yourself out, and sell yourself short. So take a minute, grab some water from your remote controlled golf cart, and calmly analyze the shot. Stand right behind your ball on the tee, and take a second to pick out the perfect 10-15 yard landing area. If you can visualize a line from that landing spot, straight back to your ball, it will help you complete the shot. Focus on your Target As you analyze the ball, be sure to focus on your immediate target. Find a place a few feet in front of you, and align your ball straight to that point. Disregard hazards or anything else that could distract your shot. Last Look If you take the time to give your shot a last look, it could help you tweak any small adjustments that need to be made. If your last look is directly focusing on your target landing area, it’ll help your golf shot. This is typically what the pros do before taking their shot. If you take one last look, and then focus only on getting your ball to that spot, you’re golden. Follow Through Make a confident swing. If you doubt yourself, it will show up in the accuracy of your swing. Be sure that you trust in the way you’ve lined up this shot. If you spend a few seconds setting up your shot on the green, you’ll feel much better about finally taking that tricky swing. Practice It can never hurt to practice this on the range. If you use this technique, of lining it up, disregarding any hazards, and mentally focusing, you should be able to make a decent shot. Don’t get in your head too much before you take your swing. Remember to have fun out on the course. Of course you want to play your best, but it’s important to remember that the more you stress about it, the more tense your golf game is going to be.
August 29, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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