Have you ever wondered why the pros are so good at putting and wondered how you can get your putting game up to speed? Wonder no more, we have some tips that can help you perfect your putt! Putting can make or break your game, your short game as it’s called. If you can hit perfect long drives and get the ball relatively close to the ball, you must be golden. Unless your short game is on par with your long game, you will continue to struggle. Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important to practice a multitude of different short shots to try to perfect your game. Research shows that spending time from a wide variety of angles and slopes prepares you better for a game. If you’re practicing the same shot repeatedly until you get it right, you might be setting yourself up for failure. While it’s beneficial to practice a swing until your body feels comfortable and knows what to do, this can hurt you. You’re only going to get one shot at it out on the green, so by giving yourself multiple chances to get it right it may not go as planned.

Go out and work on your short game. Take plenty of different shots and mix up the levels of difficulty and distances from which you take the shots. The variety will help you improve in ways you wouldn't if you stuck with only one shot over and over.

Hitting the Ball

It's been discovered that some of the best putters tend to hit slightly upwards on the ball. This adds a little loft to their stroke, and causes the ball to roll forward immediately, and stay in line. For great putting to happen it takes precision. Any small change to the way you hit a ball can jeopardize your shot.

A great tip for working on precision putting is to stack three quarters behind the ball. Keep three quarters in your remote control golf caddie. Align the center of the putter with the middle of the ball. Keep your putter vertical, and not forward. Practice striking the ball right around it’s middle, or equator, without hitting any of the stacked quarters.

If you can consistently hit the stack of quarters, you know that your stroke is low or not moving upward like it should. Once you start to hit the ball consistently here, the ball will roll much more smoothly. Keep working on this drill until you get the loft to your putt that you want.


Find golf drills that work for you to perfect your putting. Research some additional drills that you think might help. Finding drills like the quarter drill can help you to make small adjustments.

December 28, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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