Playing a new course can be tough. Whether you’re playing with other people who play there all the time, or it’s a new course for all of you, it can still be tough to play it for the first time. It’s important to keep your mental game as close, as your clubs, gear, and remote-control golf caddy. Keeping your mental game strong, will help you get over small setbacks and prevent them from becoming larger hang-ups. First Steps Focus on getting off of the first tee, and start getting ready for your next shot. If you don’t dwell on any mistakes you made on the first tee, and you’re constantly looking forward to your next move, chances are, you’ll play a better game of golf. Next, choose your next club. Don’t spend too much time trying to find the perfect one. Just choose the one that will allow you to hit the way you want to, whether it’s hitting the ball entirely on the green, or if you’re just trying to get the ball closer to home. Remember that shorter clubs are easier to deal with than longer clubs, so if you just want to hit the ball down the fairway use the club you like best. Rather than spending time deciding which one you think is best to use, go with the club that you like best or that you’re most comfortable with. Chances are if you like it best, or it feels most comfortable, you’ll make a better shot with it. Moving On Remember not to let yourself get nervous. It can be extremely fun to play a course for the first time. Let yourself be challenged, but don’t let it overwhelm you. When you’re hitting your ball, don’t over think things. Don’t try to scoop your ball with your club. Only focus on making good and solid contact with the ball, and you’ll find that this works best. Enjoy yourself Have fun playing a new course with friends. Having a challenge like a difficult new course can only improve your golf game. Stay hydrated, and keep your mental game positive. Enjoy being out on the golf course with friends, and soon you’ll find that you’re ready to take on any new course with your remote control golf cart. Relax and let the swings come as they may.
October 27, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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