If your swing just hasn’t been feeling right lately, there’s nothing wrong with getting in some time at the driving range. Spending time practicing is the best way to get comfortable with your swing again. The driving range is also a great place to practice your mental game as well as your swing, so that when you’re out on the course again, you’re even more prepared for that difficult shot. Stretching It’s super important for your muscles to stretch before you start swinging, whether it’s at the range or at the course. Your body will always respond better to practice if it’s loosened up. Take the time to start with smaller swings, and slowly stretch out your muscles. Try just swinging a club back and forth until you feel warmed up enough. Use your remote control golf caddy to support yourself as you stretch out your leg muscles. Start swinging After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to work your way through all of your irons. Try starting with your lowest to your highest, starting with a 9. Take all different shots and get into a groove. Start with chip shots and then slowly work up to taking a swing with your driver. Taking shots with all of your irons gives you the chance to focus on your swing and realign your stance. If you’re watching the way the ball falls, and realizing that it’s hooked or not, you might need to adjust the way you’re standing. A great drill to try is to pick three different areas of the range and practice hitting the ball there as if it were a hole on the course. Try to get everything right, your stance, your swing, everything. This will really start to help your swing along, if this is a drill that you can do consistently. Putting Practice Some people tend to over look how important putting can be. If you’re at the practice range be sure to devote around 15 minutes just to your putting game. We all know that putting can make or break your game, so take the time to practice it. Try working on longer putts, like 10 feet, while you’re at the practice range. Line up 10 balls and try putting them from farther away or take the time to focus on your chipping technique while you’re there. Take Away One of the most important things you can spend your time practicing at the driving range, is your mental game. It can really disrupt your golf game out on the course, so while you’re busy taking practice swings, work on how you view your game. Take the time to go through your clubs and feel the difference of each one.
September 11, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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