Spring is almost here! Before you whip your shorts out, slow down. We may still have a few weeks, hopefully not months, of colder weather. But if you’re itching to play some golf, now is the time to start thinking forward to warmer days, greener grass and course openings. So crack open your golf gear, and start mentally preparing for the golf season. Check your gear Before you get ready to play, do a once over of your gear. See if anything needs to be updated, or if anything was damaged during winter storage. Replace missing spikes in your shoes, get new gloves if you need them, and make sure your golf bag has all the essentials you need out on the green. Check out your remote control golf bag and electric caddies, to be sure that they were stored properly and that they’re charged and working. Take a look at your clubs, and make sure that some of them don’t need replacing. Early spring could be a good time to find deals on new clubs to add to your golf bag. Practice Get out there and practice. Most driving ranges will open in the spring before a full course will. Head to the driving range and get your swing up to par. If you haven’t been working at staying in your best golf shape through the winter, it may take some time to get your swing back to where you’d like it. Any practice you can get will make your first round of the season much more enjoyable. If you’ve neglected your golf fitness during the winter months, getting back into shape will be key before you play a round of golf. Try a low-impact workout like yoga, to get your muscles loose and strengthened. A great tip for getting your swing back is to practice your swing in the mirror. Watch what your body does, and really try to work on the mechanics of your swing. Improve your swing before you set foot on the course for the spring. Take Away Hit your local driving range, and start thinking about your swing. If you got out of practice in the winter months, any small preparation you can do will help your game. If it’s been a while, some people think that even the simple act of watching golf can help. It will start training your mind, and get you back in the mindset and ready to play your first round of spring golf.
March 09, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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