There are a lot of positive experiences we can have on the golf course and proper preparation and equipment help to make it so. There are a few simple sun protection tips you can use to ensure your comfort and safety, especially when the sun is beating down on you and you’ve got a long course to play.

Apply Sunscreen One of the worst things, after a wonderful day on the course, is leaving with a sunburn because you forgot to use sunscreen. Often, golfers miss this step and risk the ultimate consequence of skin cancer. It’s a real concern and typically overlooked when the direct sun isn’t beating down on your skin. Keep in mind, some of the worst sun exposure from UV rays can happen on an overcast day. The longer you are on the course, the more you’ll want to consider reapplying. Sweating is common with this sport and when it’s a warm day, this can’t be avoided. Sunscreen gets washed away with sweat and leaves your skin vulnerable to the UV rays.

Hydrate with H20 Hydration is a non-stop process while on the course. Again, that sweating that happens quickly depletes your body of its ideal hydration and replacing it as you go is a must. Carry water with you because drinking fountains aren’t always available throughout the course and you never want to be caught without water if your body starts to protest the heat.

Carry a Wet Towel This option is a wonderful relief on those sweltering days, especially when you don’t have a hat or tend to overheat. Cover your head with the towel and enjoy the instant relief it brings.

Wear a Hat and Sun-Protective Clothing A lot of golfer’s wear a visor on the course, but visors don’t offer protection for the top of the head, so a wide-brimmed hat is recommended instead of a visor. No matter the style, headwear is an absolute must. Wearing light-colored clothing also helps reduce the body heat and long-sleeves give your skin an extra layer of protection.

Carry an Umbrella or Drive a Golf Cart These two options offer an instant reprieve from the sun and can be a lifesaver on the days where temperatures reach epic highs. Driving a golf cart, whether electric or gas, is also a fantastic way to pack around the other important items for your sun-safety. Shade protection is the best when trying to cool down and an umbrella is an easy option if you are set on walking the course.

Sunglasses Too many times golfers forget the most essential piece of sun protection and it’s almost impossible to complete a course if you can’t see. Protecting your eyes from the UV rays increases your chances of avoiding eye disease and sun damage. Your eyes are always at risk, even on cloudy days, so throwing an extra pair of sunglasses in your golf bag for the days you wouldn’t ordinarily wear sunglasses off the course, is a terrific way to be prepared. Sun protection can be managed with just a few easy steps but the consequences of not protecting yourself can be incredibly harmful. Take a few minutes before you start your game, and lather up, throw a cap on and fill your water bottle, you’ll be glad you did!

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