Just like prom dresses and swimsuits, golf apparel has its own fashion trends. Every season, well-known golf wear companies such as J. Lindeberg and Hugo Boss announce their upcoming fashion collection. Golfers eager to look their best on the green like to follow these trends and incorporate them into their golf wear collection. Spring 2016 is an interesting season for those following golf wear trends. Instead of going for a sleek, stylish look with solid natural colors, the trends this season are unique and sure to add a touch of color to your golf wear wardrobe.

Prints are Everywhere You Look

In seasons prior, golf wear tended to gravitate towards solid, natural looking designs. There would be the solid colored khaki pants or cargo shorts, neutral colored polo shirts, and caps or hats that blended in naturally. This year there is a change – prints. Prints are extremely popular for Spring 2016. Those following this fashion trend will be seen wearing polo shirts, jackets, and even pants that are made with printed material. This includes everything from polka dots to plaid and checkers.

Stylish Coats for When the Temperatures Start to Drop

True golf enthusiasts never let the weather keep them from getting in a round of golf. This means you could be heading out to the golf course in weather that is extremely cold or filled with chilly rain. Luckily, the golf wear trends for Spring 2016 have a solution that will keep you warm and dry – puffy jackets and vests. Puffy vests and jackets are often lined with quilted material that insulate the body and keep you warm. These types of jackets and vests are usually seen on the ski slopes, but this year they are making their way to golf courses all across the world.

A Splash of Color will Be Added to Your Golf Attire

Tiger Woods' red shirt cleared the way for many people to start adding color to their golf attire. Unfortunately, people still stuck with natural tones, such as navy, dark green, and grey. This year, those natural colors will still be popular – they are never going anywhere – but they will be seen with other colors. Watch the golf greens and see how many people start incorporating brighter, bolder colors into their spring attire. Chances are good you will see lots of pinks, teals, purples, and yellows, as those seem to be the popular colors for Spring 2016. These are the popular trends for Spring 2016. Try incorporating them into your golf wear collect and look your best as you take to the green in Cart Tek's electronic golf carts and electronic golf trolleys.
February 23, 2016 — Dick Northrop

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