After the holidays arrive, and the snow starts to fall, it’s always a sad time for golfers. While it can be easy to forget to store your gear, it’s important to properly store your golf caddy, to ensure it lasts for golf seasons to come. Here are our best tips for storing an electronic golf caddy.


Keep your remote controlled golf caddy in a dry warm place. If you have a temperature controlled area, like a heated garage, that’s best. Because your golf caddy operates with batteries, you want to avoid storing it somewhere that’s damp or cold, as it could harm the electronics. Changing temperatures can wreak havoc on it as well, so it’s best to keep it somewhere warm and dry. If you can find a place to store your caddy that’s upright, that will be best. If stored on it’s side, it’s more likely to become warped or stepped on. Find a place where it can stay upright, where it’s out of the way, and not in danger of being jostled in a closet, or having heavy storage boxes topple onto it.

Clean it

Clean out the pockets in your golf bag or electric golf caddy before you store it. Be sure you’re not leaving a spare granola bar, or old wet towel in your bag. If you don’t want it to sit there all winter, it’s best to clean your bag out.

Battery Care

It’s best for your electric golf caddy to be stored in a cool stable environment, like a heated basement or garage. It’s better for the lithium batteries to remain in a stable environment. Avoid storing them on a cement surface. For your lithium batteries, it’s important that you charge them every 12 weeks. It ensures that you get the longest lifespan out of them, and your remote control golf caddy. If you’re using sealed lead acid batteries, they require a charge every 6 weeks.
December 21, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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