Golf used to be a game of driving around the course in a golf cart. Nowadays, most players are converting over to walking the course in an effort to make golf a healthier game. The benefits of walking the course far outweigh driving, and it gives a healthier aspect to the game of golf. One downside to walking the course, is your run the risk of injuring your back if your golf bag is too heavy. Here’s where electric golf caddy carts come in. You can still walk the course but benefit from a remote controlled golf caddy to do the work of carrying your golf bag for you. Electric Carts Most electric golf caddy carts use lithium batteries which last much longer than other batteries do. They’re also lighter, making your walk on the course that much easier. Regular golf carts are actually harmful to golf greens. With the constant driving, and the potential for mud, the tires run the risk of ruining the grass. If you play a game of walking golf, you take that damage out of the equation. Walking Golf If you still prefer to take a golf cart, a great way to get more exercise out of the game is to keep your golf cart on the sidewalk. If you drive it to every hole, you’ll never get any work out in. So if you must drive one, try to limit it’s time on the green, and at least get in a little walk for yourself. Studies have shown that a walking game of golf is so much better for your health and your heart that it’s better to invest in a remote control golf caddy so that you can more easily play a walking game of golf. Something that most golfers don’t consider when riding in golf carts, is that it changes the position of the body so much between holes. It requires the body to completely reset, when you get in and out of the golf cart. So playing a walking game keeps your body at the same attitude for longer, therefore you won’t need as much time to adjust each hole. This is believed to improve your game. It keeps you looser and doesn’t require as much time to reset before each swing. Take away If you haven’t tried a game of walking golf, it’s time to get out there and try one. Some courses are switching to gas alternatives and not allowing gas powered golf carts onto their greens. Find a place to rent or borrow an electric golf trolley and give it a go. See how much you like walking the course. Perhaps you’ll find the pace more relaxing and you’ll be able to focus on your game more.
June 21, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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