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Golfers appreciate that local courses, like old friends, always stay the same. They provide encouragement, comfort, and a bit of nostalgia. And golfers in the “no-change” category enjoy their weekly round of golf but may have trouble improving their scores. There’s an upside to considering new courses, swing techniques, and clubs like the latest Mizuno irons. And why not? The year 2022 brought constant change. So read on for what to know about the 2022 Mizuno irons.

On the pro circuit, more players played Mizuno, while heavy sponsors like TaylorMade, Calloway, and Titleist were seen with players all over, even on the new LIV tour. Unfortunately, the LIV split pros (legends like Greg Norman and Phil Mickelson saying “yes” with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy saying “no”) and fans alike. But the PGA somehow found extra cash to increase prize money significantly and boost interest and player enthusiasm. The money was crazy.

I started playing golf with a $40 set of dinged Sam Sneed clubs. I wasn’t great. The clubs were stiff, the heels of the irons wide, and the bagged set felt like a sack of wet cement across my shoulder.

That’s when I learned how valuable a high-quality remote golf caddy from Cart Tek was for my game. No excess stress on my shoulder, added energy late in the round, and the peace of mind that my clubs were safe and sound. And I learned about golf clubs.

There’s no shame in starting with what’s in your price range. And there’s no sense playing with an elite set when you don’t have the skill or knowledge to use them.

And then there’s Mizuno – and Mizuno irons. The company will celebrate its 90th anniversary this year, and there will be new clubs at some point in the future, but their 2022 clubs are stunning. If you haven’t played Mizuno, know that according to an anonymous tour player survey by Golf World that asked, “If there was no sponsorship money involved, which brand would you play?” 36% said they would play Mizuno over the second-place brand (TaylorMade) at just 22%.

The Creme of 2022 Irons – Mizuno Pro 221 – 223 – 225

Once you’ve used a set of Mizuno’s, you may never want to use another brand. They aren’t cheap. But they stack up nicely against other quality clubs like the Calloway Apex and the TaylorMade P790s.

One-piece grain flow forging gives Mizuno irons the edge over most club manufacturers. The neck and head come from a continuous grain of steel along the head, unlike the competitors that use forged iron with a welded neck. That translates to increased power and stability in the head, and yet a softer feel on impact.

Mizuno Pro 225

The Mizuno Pro 225 is probably the best all-around iron set available for near-scratch players. The 28.5 g Tungsten weight maximizes ball speed and offers higher flight with a 0.2mm thinner face. The ball strike is the same Mizuno smoothness from the soft copper underlay and does offer some forgiveness.

The 225 iron’s multi-thickness face and hollowed head return a higher COR (coefficient of restitution) for excellent ball speed for distance with outstanding accuracy.

Mizuno Pro 221

The Mizuno Pro 221 irons play well for slightly higher handicappers, to about +7 or +8. The soft copper underlay absorbs ball shock, and the clubs perform well for those who still need forgiveness after off-center strikes.

Middle handicappers will love the increased control while wielding these slightly shorter and more compact irons. Adding to the club’s heft is a relocated mass higher on the face for great consistency and speed.

Mizuno Pro 223

At the higher handicap end of these excellent golf clubs are the Mizuno Pro 223 irons, but they work as well for low handicappers or those who shoot in the low teens. The forged Chromoly 4-7 irons sport a face thickness of just 2.4mm but offer ultimate precision and control. The back edge is heavily beveled.

Players new to Mizuno and the Pro 223 have marveled at the club’s trajectory as they watch their golf balls climb fast, hard and straight even with a slightly off-spot ball strike. And when they need to add some draw or fade, the club responds well to opening or closing the club face.

The Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal irons are also excellent for mid to higher handicappers. Featuring the same Chromoly metal to deliver a super-soft feel, the clubs offer excellent distance, even for players with slower club speeds. Slight mishits also benefit when off the toe or heel without losing distance.

When you play great clubs, you’ll want to keep track of them, and there’s no better way to do that than owning an electric push cart from Cart Tek. You’ll have all your clubs at hand and never leave one behind after a chip shot around the green!

Cart Tek golf carts are lightweight but so durable and dependable that you’ll wonder how you got by without one. You’ll save your energy for late in the day when you still have the touch to make those fantastic round-ending shots. Just imagine walking freely beside your electric golf trolley or pushing a button to send it on remote control.

And Cart Tek uses sleek, strong Aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum frames with lithium-ion batteries and a life equal to about 36 holes. Check our reviews to see what our customers say about the superior work we put into every Cart Tek product!


January 04, 2023 — Tyler Northrop

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