If you’re interested in getting into golf, there are some things you may want to know before your first outing onto the green. There are a few things that can really help your golf game along, like lessons and hitting the driving range. We’re here to give you a run down. Equipment The right equipment can make a huge difference to a golfer. If you’re not quite to the point of investing in your own gear, borrow if you can. Talk to friends who play golf, or hit up your local golf course and talk to them about trying some gear out. You want to learn about the equipment rather than buy it, at first. Understanding what will work best for you sets you up for success, like trying a remote control golf cart. There are some clubs that are made for beginners, so try a few of those out and see how they work for you. Golf Balls While you’re still a beginner you’re more likely to lose more golf balls. You’re likely to lose golf balls to bad shots taken while you’re practicing longer distances. While you’re in this learning stage, it’s best not to waste your money on higher end balls. Find golf balls that cost less per dozen, and as you improve go up in price. By the time you’re rarely losing golf balls on the course, it’ll be time for you to invest in better quality golf balls. Lessons Invest in a few lessons. You can learn a lot from an instructor. If you don’t know much about golf and how the game works, it could be in your best interests to play with an instructor. They can help you with tips on how to improve your swing, how the game is scored and answer any other odd questions you have about the sport. If you invest in a one-on-one lesson, they’ll be able to directly observe your swing and give you instruction on how to improve it, with what not to do and what you should do instead. Driving Range It’s important to hit up the driving range and practice what you’ve learned in your lesson. You’ll need to spend time practicing your swing before it’s perfect. For most, golf isn’t a game that’s quickly picked up, as it can take time and lots of effort to perfect your game. The driving range can also be useful for working on your short game, and practicing your putting shots. Take Away It’s best to get some help when first starting out in the golf world. Get some advice from an instructor, and get some help finding the right gear for you. Take your time and practice your swing. You’ll be a pro on the green before you know it.
May 23, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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