Remote Golf Cart Accessories Throughout the decades, golf players have been trying to figure out the best ways to stay in shape. From running to performing stretches to stay flexible, golfers of varying ages have been adopting certain exercise methods for the home and at the gym to help their bodies. Yet one exercise that is often overlooked, and negatively opined about, is weight lifting. Often seen as an exercise that builds up so much bulk that the weight lifter's muscles are about to explode out of their arms and chests, a common fear golfers have about lifting weights is that this exercise causes muscles to become short and "too bulky," which can seriously hamper a person's golf swing. Golfers believe lifting weight causes too much muscle gain that leads to inflexibility.

The Truth about Weightlifting for Golf

Weight lifting is designed to strengthen muscles. As you lift weights, you are actually helping to protect your joints while also stretching your muscles to increase your flexibility. Performing weight training can lead to a wide range of benefits for golfers. With stronger muscles, you will feel your body become more stable while you can put more force into your swing. So the truth is that lifting weights is good for your golf game as it can strengthen your muscles significantly. People shouldn't avoid such an activity when the benefits are so abundant.

Yet What About Muscle Bulk?

There are many different types of weight lifting regimens that you can adopt that won't lead to muscle bulk like you would find on Olympic athletes and World Championship weight lifters. In fact, trainers around the world have developed exercise programs specifically designed for golfers that incorporate lifting weights. Keep in mind that muscle bulk found on professional weight lifters is due to resistance training programs that are designed for the athletes to build muscles by continually using heavier weights, lifting the weights for several hours every day, and performing fewer repetitions. It also requires weight lifters to increase the amount of calories they eat. This program is not the same as one designed for golfers. For a golfer, you would use moderate size weights for shorter periods of time with an average number of repetitions. You would also maintain a leaner and healthier diet without so many calories. With this kind of training, you strengthen muscles without putting on the bulk.

Don't Say No to Lifting Weights

Consider adding weight lifting as part of your overall exercise program along with running, stretches and other aerobic exercises. Always keep in mind that, before you start picking out weights, to speak with your doctor to ensure there are no current medical issues that may be affected when adopting any weightlifting program for golf. Then begin strengthening your body to help improve your golf game. Remote Golf Cart Accessories | Lithium Golf Trolley Batteries
March 28, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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