In this article, we’ll answer these questions:

  1. When is the best time to buy golf clubs?
  2. How to buy your first set of golf clubs
  3. When it’s time to upgrade your golf clubs
  4. How to get the right clubs for your age

Unless you’re living in year-round warm weather climates, there’s a lot less golf being played over the winter months. To keep sales going strong, that’s when many of the major manufacturers and suppliers of golf clubs and accessories mark down prices or keep prices nearest to their year-round lows while offering additional incentives.

But is it the best time to buy golf clubs and electric golf carts in the golf industry? It depends.  If you’re looking to buy your first set, replace your golf gear, or upgrade your game, you might be surprised to know you can find deals in almost every season. Here’s a season-by-season breakdown on when you can find the best deals on golf clubs and some things to consider when making a purchase.


Buying Golf Equipment in Winter

With fewer players hitting the golf course, the golf season is wrapping up. That means this year’s club models are about to become last year’s news. Just like in the auto business, when the latest models hit the showroom, previous models from last year get marked down.

Some sellers are looking to clear out their inventory to make room for the new models that they will be selling shortly.

Some of the best deals found on golf clubs and caddies happen right around the holiday season as people shop for gifts for the golfers in the family. Pricing may not drop a great deal, but you can often find different incentives, such as sales or country club member discounts that help the overall pricing and make this the right time to buy. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holidays during this season, Facebook marketplace and other online marketplaces are great options to find fantastic deals on new equipment.

Golf Equipment Deals in Late Winter/Early Spring 

If online retailers and golf club manufacturers still have last year’s models on hand, spring is when you’ll likely find the best prices – assuming you’re OK bypassing this year’s latest and greatest. This is the prime time to get last season’s model at its cheapest price, as all the newest models are hitting the shelves as well.

In a cold-weather climate, this is the perfect time to shop because no one is thinking about golfing during this time of year, so you may be able to find some great deals. Deals will start popping up more frequently as spring nears, and new gear arrives. 

Buying Golf Equipment in Spring

Die-hard golf enthusiasts are in the market all year long.  Casual golfers typically don’t think about their equipment until the weather starts to warm.  As new models hit the stores, suppliers know that demand is increasing as well.  There may be fewer discounts on the new models and top brands, but deep discounts on last season’s supply. 

There are also bound to be sales in the week leading up to Father’s Day, especially for accessories such as electric golf trolleys or a remote-control golf cart.

Buying Golf Equipment in Summer 

As we get into summer, demand for new clubs starts to really take off. Besides casual golfers that are now hitting the links, lower handicapper golfers are looking for new drivers, replacing worn-out clubs, and looking for some new products to add to their game. It’s typically when most people realize that their gear is lacking, as the weather has warmed up and improved and they’re playing more often.

Golf Equipment Deals in Fall 

This is the time of year when some stores and golf manufacturers start trying to sell off their current gear to make way for new models in the spring. Some stores do wait for spring to discount clubs, but Fall is a great time to look for gear.

Buying Your First Set of Golf Clubs

If you're a beginner golfer in skill level and it’s your first time looking for clubs, it can be confusing. You’ve tried the clubs at the driving range, used a friend’s second-hand clubs, or maybe used your Dad’s old set but now you’re ready to hit the course with your own set.

You may be tempted to buy second-hand. That may be a mistake. You might save a few bucks but there’s a good chance you’re getting gear that was designed for someone else. It may be completely the wrong set for you. High-end sets, even deeply discounted when used, may sound great until you realize they were built for top golfers and need a practiced hand to use well.

The best advice is to look for a mid-priced full starter kit set of clubs that are manufactured for first-time golfers. They’ll be a little more forgiving and easier when hitting a golf ball to get you started. As you start to refine your game, you can always upgrade your golf bag with a new set or add individual clubs.

If you’re determined to jump in the whole hog with a custom set of clubs, it's an important factor to get some advice from the pros to make sure you’re buying the right set of clubs for your level of expertise.

Upgrading Your Golf Clubs

If your old clubs are wearing out or you need to upgrade your golf game, you’ve got a couple of choices. You can wait for the newest model year clubs to hit the market. Or, you can grab this year’s (or last year’s) models at a lower price. If you’ve had your set for a few years, anything will likely be an upgrade.

The best deals on the current model year will typically happen in January or February – although you may find ticket packages or door-busters around the holidays.

How Do I Know When It’s Time for New Golf Clubs?

If your clubs are wearing out, you’ve outgrown them, your game’s in a rut, or you’re starting to age, it may be time for a club fitting and new clubs.

Wear and Tear 

When you start to notice significant wear or start to notice less-than-perfectly-aligned shafts or see signs of deterioration, it’s time.

Grooves on your blade irons and wedges usually wear faster than other clubs. This can lead to a loss of performance. Check for signs of wear. If your grips are less than optimal, changing them out annually can help you maintain better control.

Putters are used on every hole, but they also last a long time. If you’re happy with your putter, you may never need to change it. Once you get a feel for the weight, feel, and group, you may want to hang on to it and redo the grips when needed.

Of course, if you are one of those that like to throw their clubs or wrap them around a tree once in a while, you’re going to need to replace them often.

Your Golf Game

If you feel like your game has stalled or you need a change, it may be time for a new set of clubs. As you’ve gotten more experienced, new clubs can add a new element to your game. The clubs you’ve had may have been right for you a few years ago, but you might have outgrown them – not just from a size standpoint, but from a touch, feel, and expertise standpoint. 

Plus, new clubs are kind of cool. They can invigorate you and give you confidence or inspire you to play more frequently.

How Age Affects Your Club Choice

Younger golfers may need to upgrade from that first set, which they may have gotten as a teenager or young adult. A full adult set can make a big difference in your play. 

While your game may improve with more experience, one thing you can only do so much about is the aging process. As you age, you’ll likely lose swing speed. If you’re not using the right flex shaft material for your clubs, you’re going to lose some of the distance you’re used to. More flexible shafts will help you maintain – and possibly even increase – your swing speed. Consider clubs with shafts built for seniors.

So, When Is the Best Time to Buy Golf Clubs and Caddies?

Bottom line, you can find deals at any time of the year on clubs and accessories, such as electric golf trolleys or a remote-control golf cart – depending on what you’re looking for. Most shops have free shipping, sales, gift cards, or coupon codes at any time of the year, so you can find deals. Try to avoid summer as that’s when demand is highest, and there are typically only brand-new lines to choose from. Fall and spring are your best bet to get hands-on new gear that may be a season or two old.

October 28, 2020 — Natalie Montoya

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