Playing golf in windy conditions can be tricky. When you’re focusing on a shot, there are so many other things you’re thinking about; where you’re trying to aim the ball, how is your posture, what are you going to focus on during your swing, and more. When it’s windy, you also have to take into consideration how the wind might affect your ball, in the air and on the ground. Here are some basic tips for playing on a blustery fall day.


One thing that is important to note in very windy conditions is your posture. The windier it is the more likely you are to be off balance. So get your stance a little closer to the ground, and make sure that you feel balanced before you take your swing. If you lower your center of gravity you’ll feel more connected to the ground, and chances are you’ll take a better swing.

In the Air

Playing in the wind would be easier if the wind would stay constant not shift direction. Typically this isn’t the case, the wind is constantly changing and it’s hard to predict what shot is best. It can be hard to predict where it will fall or how it will travel mid-air. If the wind is strong enough it will mess with your golf balls trajectory mid-air.

Remember, that if its only a breezy day, there’s no reason to go overboard worrying about your swing. If the wind isn’t strong enough it might not affect your ball in the air. Most people anticipate a stronger wind and hit their ball too hard, missing the target and causing a higher score. Be sure to really analyze if the wind warrants a stronger swing or not, before you mess up the hole.

Something to note is that in super windy places, most players tend to keep their balls closer to the ground. They know that hitting higher means that their ball is more likely to travel in ways they can’t anticipate. The longer your ball is in the air, the higher the chances are that the wind is going to take it places that you don’t want it to go. Remember that in the wind, keeping your ball lower to the ground might very well keep your score lower too.

How it affects roll

The wind won’t only affect your ball in the air, but it might also cause your ball to roll. If it’s windy enough for this to happen, you might want to consider calling it a day and heading home. Sometimes it can be hard to even mark where your ball lands before the wind rolls it away. It can be hard to score during conditions like this so it’s up to you whether or not you want to invest your time in these conditions.

Take Away

Remember that a shy breeze is nothing to be scared off by when you’re playing golf. Sometimes it will hardly affect your game, and it adds a fresh element to being outdoors. If the wind is strong enough to be knocking you off balance, change the flight path of your ball, and causing it to roll once it’s landed, you might be best advised to pick up your game on another day.

November 15, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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