If you’ve played golf before you know what a huge role your hips play in the proper stance and swing. It can make or break your game or your shot. We’re here to break down these perfect golf swing tips and what you should be doing with your hips. Posture Most golfers lose power in their swing when they transition from backswing to downswing. Most golfers tend to overuse the top half of their body, and lose focus on their hips. If you keep your hips engaged through your downswing, you can keep more control of the speed of your swing. Focus on letting your hips lead, before your arms and shoulders. If you can control this, you’ll hit past all your friends on the golf course. Keep your shoulders turned, and keep your posture. Start the downswing by turning only your hips to the left. Imagine your hips leading your upper body through the swing, rather than the other way around. Following your hips, should be your arms and shoulders. Separate your upper body If you keep your upper body and lower body separate through your swing, that’s what enables the dropdown of your club head in your swing. This movement makes it easier for you to keep your arms in front of your body, so that you can rotate your swing properly. Again, if you keep your hips and your upper body completely separated through your swing, you’ll have an easier transition from backswing to downswing. Keep your back facing the target, while you work on unwinding your hips. If you can maintain this correctly, the rest of your body will follow in the swing. Shoulders If you keep your shoulders closed to your target line, and remember to keep your hips open, you’ll have a better chance to have a better downswing. Take a minute and The more separation that there is between your hips and shoulders, the longer distance you’re allowing your clubhead to travel. This is giving your clubhead more energy that you can put into the ball. If you remember to lead with your hips, and let your body follow along after, naturally in the swing, you’ll start to notice you’re hitting the ball harder. Head out to the practice green with your remote control golf caddy, and really analyze your shot and posture. If you spend the time working on letting your hips lead you, by the time you hit your local golf course in Bend, you’ll be ready to take on your golf buddies.
August 25, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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