Replacement Battery Chargers


Replacement battery charge for your Cart Tek golf caddy. 24-volt lithium-ion battery charger with XLR connector. This battery charger can be used for GRi-1500Li/LTD, GRX-950Li, GRX-1250Li, GRi-1350Lh/Li, GRi-975Li and GRi-1000Li Cart Tek Golf Carts.

If you have a Yellowstone or 1500V3, the Anderson connection on the Smart Charger is the one for you!

As a reminder:  the correct charging sequence is to plug your battery into the charger first, and then plug the charger into the wall.   When your charging cycle has finished, unplug the charger from the wall, and then the battery from the charger.  

Cart Tek no longer supplies lead-acid chargers for the  GRx-1200R and GRx-950 batteries.  Click here to search on Amazon.