Choosing the right remote control golf caddy or motorized electric golf trolley is a significant decision for a walking golfer. CartTek has established a solid reputation as a product leader in the walking golf industry. We have a reputation for providing an excellent value and performance with our unique line of remote control and electric golf caddies. Our competitors like Bat-Caddy, Spitzer, eMotion, HillBilly and Kolnex all sell fine remote control and electric golf caddies. We know because we could buy those caddy's and trolley's from the same factories. However we choose not to and here are just some of the reason's why.
"The GRX-1200R is the finest engineered and most functional remote operated golf cart on the market that is priced under $1,000. I also own an eMotion electric cart that cost over twice the price of the GRX-1200R ( it's now sitting in my cellar ) and it is no where engineered as well as the GRX-1200R. I wish I would have discovered this cart before purchasing its competitor because I would have saved $1,800. I use this cart everyday and highly recommend it as a reliable and fun cart to traverse a golf course." Michael B.
"I have been using 1200 for past 8 weeks. Previously had an MGI Navigator for 11 years and borrowed a Bat Caddy prior to purchasing the Cart Tek. The 1200 is superior in every way; ease of operation, reliability, and overall satisfaction. In addition, I can call the company, get quick advise. Would recommend this cart and company to fellow golfers who like to walk." Walter Compare CartTek to Bat-Caddy "Previous to purchasing the CartTek GRX-1200R I have owned 4 different brands of remote control golf caddies, all of which have had various problems and reliability issues and ended up no longer viable. None of them lasted more than two years (I play around 80 rounds a summer on a very hilly course) So far my CartTek cart has been by far the most reliable and certainly the best built. I HIGHLY recommend the CartTek GRX-1200R for anyone looking to bring more enjoyment to their game!" Ted in Davenport Iowa "I owned a Bat-Caddy for two years before I purchased the GRX-1200R. The GRX-1200R blows the Bat-Caddy out of the water. CartTek hit a home run with this cart it has so much power and the turning radius is incredible. I would not hesitate to recomend this cart to family or friends, it is the best. If you value your money and want to get the best deal for your money plese buy this cart you will not be disapointed. " KEN Frame comparison with Word Box