Welcome to the Cart Tek Service Support Center. Please view the second part of the video below to follow instructions on resetting your caddie to its original Factory Settings.

Or follow these instructions: To reset your cart to original factory settings Go into Program Mode

  1. With your remote transmitter in hand.
  2. Press the parking brake button. The brake button is between the directional arrows.
  3. Next press and quickly release the Coast/Program Button. The coast program button is between the 1,2,3,4 speed control buttons.
  4. Next quickly press and hold the Coast/Program Button again.
  5. While still holding the program button, within a few seconds the caddy will move forward at a slow speed.” If cart does not move, repeat.
  6. Once caddy is slowly moving it is in program mode.
  7. Press the reverse button to stop the caddy.
  8. Press in this order the 1,3,4,2 speed control buttons.
  9. Press the parking brake button.
  10. Your caddy is now reset back to original factory settings.
  11. Test your caddy. These instructions are also in your 1200 user manual. If you have any other questions, please call or email.