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Based on our customer favorite GRX1200R, this Lithium Ion battery powered Remote Control golf caddie has become an overnight success. This remote control golf caddy is peerless!

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Based on our customer favorite GRX-1200R, this Lithium Ion battery powered Remote Control golf caddy has become an overnight success. With the brute strength afforded by the tubular steel frame and the convenience of a 3.5 pound Lithium Ion battery, the GRX-1250Li is both tough and agile. The efficient new 24 Volt power train used on the GRX-1250Li continues the great maneuverability that Cart Tek has become know for, plus the benefit of a battery weighing so little. Climb the steepest of fairways and descend with ultimate control – the best in the industry.

GRX-1250Li Powered Remote Controlled Golf Caddy Features and Benefits:

  • Programmable – full feature Remote Control
  • Four factory speed settings, or program your own
  • Adjustable turning force and electronic tracking
  • Dual 180 Watt – high torque motors
  • Ring and Pinion gearbox for optimal maneuverability
  • 24 Volt, 10 Ah Lithium Ion battery weighing only 3.5 pounds
  • Two Year Warranty on Battery
  • Battery rated at 500 + charging cycles
  • Comes with Lithium Ion battery charger, tool kit
  • Waterproof ECU housing for use in wet conditions
  • Quick transition to Free-Wheel Mode
  • Available in Gloss black or traditional silver – powder Coated frame
  • Center of Balance adjustment device
  • Complete with upgraded accessories: Stainless scorecard/ball holder,  beverage holder, umbrella holder. Over $120.00 value FREE!
  • Free Shipping within Continental USA

A best seller out of the gate and known for true craftsmanship with a reputation as ‘The Workhorse’, this remote control golf caddie will get you through your round with ease. If you are looking for a remote controlled golf caddy that will last for years, look no further. This remote golf caddy is the one for you.

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37 reviews for GRX-1250Li

  1. Ronald Inouye

    Update of my 1/10/2017 review. In assembling my cart, I stated that there were no assembly instructions. I was in error because in the manual there is a section Basic Setup, which I overlooked. I skimmed the manual looking specifically for “Assembly Instructions”. I did use the cart once and found it to be easy to operate and the remote worked well. Because I got the Lithium battery, I could tell the cart was too light; so I added 2 5 lb weights to my bag and it now is very stable. My only wish is that the remote had a clip attachment similar to how the old cell phones attached to your belt.

  2. Ron Inouye

    Just received the cart and assembled in 30 minutes; however, I did not find assembly instructions. I am one of those who can figure things out, so it was not a major problem for me. Could be for others. I am looking forward to be able to balance for the weight of my bag. I may be adding weight to make up for the Lithium battery.

  3. Tom Hall (verified owner)

    I Purchased my cart this past spring, prompt delivery, easy to assemble, easy to operate. I play on a “Donald Ross” designed course that has very few flat lies. Im always going up a hill or rise or down one. The cart operates like a fine luxury car. I couldn’t be happier. Other members of my club ask me weekly about it. (Jealous!!) I have used it for over 50 rounds and outside of a couple ‘operator error’ mishaps it has worked superbly. I did have a problem with my remote, but that was taken care of through the support staff in an incredibly short time frame. I can’t say enough about my cart. I absolutely love it, and I know the walk on my course is doing me a world of good too. I would and have recommended it to all.

  4. Linda Crass

    I gave this 5 stars. Love the sleek frame and wheels and the powerful motor, as well as how light it is. Got this one for my husband and have ordered the 975li for me. Can’t wait to get it!!

  5. Doug W.

    I just purchased and have only used it once, but the first impression was a good one. One of the axles was damaged during shipping, but Dick sent one right out with an install video and replacing it was pretty straightforward. The cart is relatively light weight to put into trunk and the battery charged pretty quickly. I do think I will have to add some weight to the bag in order to keep the front wheel grounded as our course does have some good size side hills. I will add comments going forward as I get more feedback.

  6. Jim Griffin

    I did as much research as possible before investing in a remote control cart before deciding on the Cart Tek 1250 Li. I used it for the first time today and can not say enough good about it. First off, unpacking and putting it together could not have been easier. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the materials. Since it arrived with the battery fully charged I was able to take it right out and put it through it’s paces. My course is very hilly and I would have never believed a remote controlled cart could handle it the way the Cart Tek did. Not only did it easily climb steep slopes but also descended in a very controlled way. It was also extremely stable while traversing fairly steep terrain. The bottom line it has returned the joy of walking a round of golf without the fatigue of carrying or even pushing a non-electric cart around the course. Definitely a great value at the price point. Wish I had bought one years ago!

  7. Ralph Architzel

    Bought my GRX1250Li about two years ago. It has been wonderful on the course for me, learning curve and all (some topples on sidehills, some pocket dials unknowingly, and some run-ins with people/objects when not paying attention). Solidly built although light so no damage from my occasional errant mistakes. I wouldn’t walk my courses without it. Some are quite hilly and I just love putting it in manual mode and getting my “pull assist” up the higher hills. Never have run out of battery but the most I have used it is 27 holes. I’m 50/50 on cart riding versus my Cart-Tek walking(golf five times/week on average), but it has paid for itself easily and I have the benefit of exercise that I would not get otherwise. Although it has performed admirably I have needed some hand-holding and tech support on some minor issues. The service I received was always prompt and courteous. Thumbs up to a great product and responsive tech support. Many golfers comment positively and I have recommended the cart on many occasions.

  8. Ken Brown

    Great cart, easy to assemble, we were in control within a couple of holes.

  9. Don Reed

    Absolutely love my Cart Tek caddy! The real question is how have I done without it for so long.

  10. Phil Schmidt

    I bought the 1250 Li cart to replace my Sun Mountain E-cart when it gave up the ghost after 10 yrs of service. The 1250 Li has more power and runs up the hills on my course unassisted. It is also faster so I can walk at a brisker pace. The remote control mechanism is smooth in operation but I am sometimes forgetful of pushing the button so the cart still makes some unaccustomed stops.

    Turning the cart seems a little awkward and, even though I have a large cart bag, loaded with golf balls, rain gear, and a pullover, the front tire often leaves the ground while turning corners. To date there have been no tip overs, however.

    I have an EZGO golf car that I use to go back and forth to my course and I was very happy to see that the wheelbase of the 1250 Li would fit into the bag well of the car so that I could transport the new cart to the course without using my car. And lifting the Li battery into the storage basket in the car is a snap compared to lifting a Lead Acid battery.

    I hope I get as much use out of this cart as I did my old E-cart.

  11. SJD

    I really would give this 4 1/2 stars – overall a very good cart with a few minor issues. I used it for the third time today.

    I want to preface this by saying that my husband and I have had the “Bat-Caddy X4-R” electric carts for 3 years. (It’s funny but they look exactly like the GRi-1500Li from Cart Tek.) Despite being flimsy looking they’ve held up pretty well all things considered. The accessories are a joke though as most have broken. The biggest issue has been ponds! My husband’s went in a pond because the battery in his remote died and it was too far ahead of him. After drying it out and replacing the circuit board it still works. Mine went into a pond last summer because I pocket dialed it from the bathroom. After drying out it worked for awhile and one of the wheel motors died. Thus the need for a new cart. I considered another Bat-Caddy but wanted a cart that was better on hills – the Bat-Caddy tips over often when it’s on the side of the hill. My husband and I played today and his tipped over once on the side of a small hill. Also I wanted one that had a remote I could turn on and off.

    Now my opinion of the Cart Tek. It is definitely sturdier although this makes the cart heavier if that’s an issue. It does significantly better up and down hills and on the sides of hills. It responds well to the remote and has good range (once I figured out you have to pull out the antenna to get any range at all). The buttons on the remote are a little harder to push which should make pocket dialing more difficult but fine once I got used to them. The pre-set buttons are a great addition. It does have a TINY on-off button on the back that you can use also but I’ve discovered that since the range is so poor with the antenna down that’s the easiest way to disable it when I’m on the green. It has occasionally turned itself off mysteriously (I’m not out of range and 60 seconds have not elapsed). It still veers slightly to the left although better when I put a sand bottle on the right side of the bag. The Bat Caddy often veered one way or another and I think it’s very difficult to get them to go perfectly straight all the time. I just use the remote to bring back on line as a walk.

    What I don’t like about it is the rather jerky turning. I think it’s because the wheels are so wide (to give it stability). It’s not a huge issue but different than the Bat-Caddy. Although the scorecard holder is a sold piece of manufacturing and won’t break off, it’s in an awkward position on the handle and will take some getting used to.

    It is very difficult to buy these carts because I’ve yet to find a “brick and mortar” store that carries them. I’ve looked at the other carts stored at our club and read all the reviews on-line. I bought the Lithium battery but because we don’t transport the carts I’m not sure if this extra $400 dollars is money well spent. It will help prevent the battery dying at the end of the round every year or two when the Lead acid battery gets old. Although you can push the cart manually they are heavier than a standard push cart.

    At this point, if my husbands cart dies I would have him get this Cart Tek because it’s so much better on hills and pocket dialing the remote will be less of an issue. Also anyone considering a remote control electric cart should definitely do it. It makes walking so much easier and you’d never want to golf any other way.

  12. Andi Bellis

    I bought the GRX-1250Li for myself this spring and have it used it 2-3 times a week. I was excited to get it before the heat of summer as pushing a cart for 18 holes in the Southern heat was getting to be too much for me. I researched the cart by reviewing comments online and asking other golfers. What solidified my search was a friend, who was an engineer, had recommended it after having the GRX-1200 for several years and playing on a very hilly course. I too play on a hilly course but am a female golfer and wanted a lighter battery so I bought the LI version. I have had wonderful support from the Cart Tek team. They were always knowledgeable and could make good recommendations on the best setup for me. I have had the cart for several months and it has made it up some very hilly holes with lots of power. It has made golf more enjoyable for me and the heat of summer isn’t even here yet!

  13. Stanford Inouye

    Bought the 1250Li for my wife nearly two months ago and she has used it about twice a week. She raves about how her usual back ache from golf is a thing of the past and she shows it to whomever is interested. As I watch her using it, it has lived up to my expectations and beyond. More power, speed and quick turning than my wife will ever need. The light and compact Li battery is such a big plus. And I can’t say enough about the support that the Carttek staff have provided. Had minor issues with the umbrella tube and the spring holding the remote control’s battery that they took care of so expeditiously that the shipping time to Hawaii was never a factor. I’ve been recommending this cart to anyone who has shown an interest.

  14. Michael Hotchkiss


  15. Mike Sheets

    I was an early adopter on the waiting list for the 1250 Li. It was worth the wait. I have had to work through a couple of minor malfunctions as expected with a new model, but Dick was in each instance immediately responsive with no questions asked. He quickly resolved the issues in a simple fashion in order to keep any inconvenience to a minimum. The small Li battery is so easy to charge as you grab it with one hand and go. Everything now works great and I love the cart.

  16. admin

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  17. admin

    October 23, 2014
    Excellent product. Lightweight and easy to control with remote.

  18. admin

    October 12, 2014
    I waited a year to write this review. And all I can say about these units is they are great. I have had no problems at all with my cart. Anyone thinking of buying one do it!! You will not regret it. The cart gets 5 STARS ALL DAY FROM ME. Guys with the other brands are enveous of mine due to the large price difference. Bob R. Gardner MA

  19. admin

    October 12, 2014
    I love this golf cart and it made my golf life easier. I ordered the same golf cart (GRX 1250 Li) again for my husband since it is easy to use and I am so satisfied with this golf cart. Sandy L. Ewa Beach, HI

  20. admin

    September 25, 2014
    I love it. It performs just as the CartTek people claim it would. It is sturdy, easy to fold and unfold. The Li battery is light and great. Pushing my old 3 wheel cart was doing a job on my 76 year old back. Now, walking the course if fun again. On a sour note. A previous reviewer mentioned that the beverage holder is a crappy design, and not up to the high standards of the rest of the caddy, and he is spot on. I did learn something early on, to the amusement of my friends. That it is possible to butt dial the caddy into motion. When not on the move I usually put the remote in my back pocket, no more. Once, while we were waiting on a tee, I sat in a friends riding cart, and suddenly the caddy zipped past. I was not quick witted enough to pull out the remote and stop it instead I tore out after it. That was the fastest I have moved in a long time. lesson learned. Late Entry. I happened to talk to Cart Tek support about the beverage holder issue. Besides the design drawback, 3rd party, there apparently was a manufacturing defect with mine. Although I was not asking for it, the very nice representative said she would ship me a new one ASAP. If you are shopping for a powered trolly, and 5 star support is important, this is the product to get. Robert Carlson Wilson, NC

  21. admin

    September 1, 2014
    This unit has met my high expectations. It makes a significant difference in my enjoyment of the game as it allows me to walk, rather than being confined to a cart. The 3 pound battery is a big plus. No negative issues or problems.

  22. admin

    August 23, 2014
    Great cart, I had bat caddy before it got stolen, this cart is far better ,more solid, would recomend it to any golfer.

  23. admin

    August 6, 2014
    I love my GRX1250. It makes walking the course easy which in turn makes my golf experience more enjoyable and healthful. I am so happy I made the purchase last year. But More Importantly, I cannot believe how fantastic Roben and Dick are. They are supportive and helpful beyond belief. I am so happy I chose to purchase my cart from them. Unquestionably one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  24. admin

    July 9, 2014
    i have had my cart for a few months. very happy with cart and people at the dealership. i have had a few problems and called the dealership with a great response and willingness to help. highly recommend to anyone. i have many big hills and the cart climbs them easily

  25. admin

    July 9, 2014
    Just received and used once today. It works perfectly as I expected.

  26. admin

    July 1, 2014
    I am a Kangaroo owner for over 15 years. Making the switch to my Carttek has been fantastic. Plenty of power, remote works great and esay and light wieght to transport to the course and back. I could not be happier.

  27. admin

    June 27, 2014
    After over 50 years of walking golf courses more than riding, this caddy has added a new dimension to a round of golf. In addition to the game itself, it is fun to guide the caddy wherever. It is my first electric golf cart.

  28. admin

    June 25, 2014
    Love the small battery – I can take it back and forth to the club and leave everything else there! Runs great!

  29. admin

    June 22, 2014
    I recently received a GRX1250 Li remote control golf caddy. It only took a short time to become proficient with the remote operation. The only outside addition to the setup that was necessary was to place a 5 pound dumbbell weight in the lower front pocket of the golf bag to compensate for the much lighter Li battery. I am very pleased with my golf caddy and recommend it highly

  30. admin

    June 22, 2014
    I am loving my new GRX 1250 Li. It was easy to assemble and has been easy to use. It is making my golf rounds so pleasurable.

  31. admin

    June 12, 2014
    I received my new cart two weeks ago. It was easy to assemble and I was testing it around my yard in less than an hour. We play on a hilly New England course which I have not been able to walk for the past 3 years (pushing a cart up the hills was too tough for this almost 70 year old woman). I had another brand which just did not want to go up our 14th hole. Now I am enjoying walking all 18 again. Thank you Cart Tek! The wheel on the back helps to stabilize the cart on steep inclines. The lightweight battery is the best thing next to sliced bread. Plus, the cart folds up to a neat little size which fits beautifully in my trunk. Now, on to the outstanding customer service, Robin was amazing. We had researched the different brands already before we called. Robin was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions with ease. I love my new cart and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a motorized caddy.

  32. admin

    June 6, 2014
    We just tried it out on our lawn and love it! I bought it for his 70th birthday but think that I will also be using it!! May buy my own in a year or so!!!

  33. admin

    June 5, 2014
    I always walk and carry my bag. But decided that with the heat coming I wanted to continue to walk. The Carttek is just what I am looking for. Easy to manuver and packs up in a small package in the trunk. The battery is pretty heavy. Wish the lighter battery was an option. The umbrella, water bottle and score card holder are nice options.

  34. admin

    May 22, 2014
    I just love my new CartTek 1250Li. Not cheap but worth it. It is so easy to use. Roben was such a pleasure to work with. She is so patient, answered all my questions beforehand and the caddy was here in 3 days. I heartily recommend working with these folks. 5 stars Mark in Seattle

  35. admin

    April 27, 2014
    An architectural and engineering masterpiece.Easy to assemble and easy to use.Lithium battery is the only way to go–and go– and go.I love it

  36. admin

    April 18, 2014
    The cart is working as expected. We did have to add 2 five pound weights to keep the front wheel down, but now it is working great. My husband liked mine so much we got a 2nd one for him.

  37. admin

    March 19, 2014
    I have owned two other more expensive electronic remote carts and this is the one I recommend to all of my inquiring and jealous friends. I am 72 years old and play two or three rounds a week and I can always depend on my Cart Tek for an easy walk and good round.

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