Do you feel like your clubs are holding you back? You’re currently thinking that a new set of clubs is what you need to start improving your score. But before you spend your hard-earned cash, here are 8 tips that you should consider before you buy a new set of clubs.

1.) Start a workout regimen.

Ugh, no one wants to go to the gym. I play golf to relax! Well, even just a few days a week can be the difference between having power in your swing all the way through 18. Strength training and cardio are essential to performing well, in golf and in life. There are many exercises for strengthening golf muscles. I would recommend squats and lunges, core work and dumbbell workouts focusing on your arms and shoulders. Find a trainer who can put together a program for you to work on your shoulders, back, abdomen and legs. Then after the strength training, hit the treadmill and work up to several miles without stopping. Remember, it’s important to stretch before and after each workout to prevent injury! The cost of this is probably free as you may already have a gym membership, but you’re just not using it!

2.) Lessons

Individual or group lessons can help you fine-tune mistakes you’re currently making. Lessons can range in price from $50 to $100 or more per hour depending on the skill of the instruction. Often you can get discounts if you have many people getting lessons at once.

3.) Range Time

Considering that Pros like Tiger spend about 2 hours a day at the range, this is a clue to where to spend your time! In the real world, most of us don’t have that much time to be able to commit to golf. So, make a goal to spend two hours a week at the range to better hone in your game. Take this time to go over the input that your instructor gave you earlier.

4.) Launch Monitor

With the developments in technology over the past few years, prices for launch monitors have come down drastically. You’ll be able to collect detailed information about your swing to be able to make minor tweaks to your game. You can get highly recommend monitors for less than $500!

5.) Consider walking instead of riding in a cart

Golf started out as a walking sport. This is why 90% of European golfers walk the course as opposed to riding in a golf cart. When you’re walking the course you can learn a lot from your feet. You get a sense of the lie of your ball. You might feel the fact that the course is wet or dried out so your ball could run into the creek, or sink if you hit too high of a lob shot. All these factors can affect your score.

6.) Walk with a Caddie

If carrying or pushing your clubs sounds like a lot of work, consider hiring a caddie for a round. You’ll get some in-depth knowledge of the layout of the course. You'll feel refreshed because you haven’t wasted your energy carrying your clubs. Typical caddies fees can vary but expect to pay ~$150-$200, plus tip.

7.) Walk with an Electric Caddie

Back in number 5, I mentioned that 90% of Europeans walk the golf course. What I didn’t mention is that 65% of European golfers walk behind an electric golf trolley. Many of those players have lowered their handicaps by an average of 3 strokes, by using a powered caddie. Get the benefits of walking the course, without the strain on your body of carrying your clubs! Check out Cart Tek’s best golf cart, the GRi-1500Li.

Would you Like to learn more about electric golf trolleys? Take our free fitment quiz to find out which electric golf caddie would work for you:

8.) Putting Practice

Bringing Tiger back into the conversation here. He practices for at least 30 minutes a day on the putting green… As the old saying goes, “drive for show, putt for dough”. If you want some tips on how to practice your putting at home, check out our other blog post here.

October 25, 2019 — Tyler Northrop

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