While many people are hesitant to step away from a motorized golf caddy, there are many benefits to using an electric golf caddy. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider investing in one. Improving your game Some believe that a walking game of golf is better for your game, because your body isn’t interrupted by getting into a motorized cart and driving. By playing a walking game of golf with an electric golf caddy, your body stays in one attitude longer, and you get the added health benefits of walking the course. Some golfers say that these factors combined have helped to improve their game of golf. It can also help you focus more on your game, and get to know the course better through walking it, making your shots better. Using an electric golf caddy prevents strain on your back, when playing a walking game of golf. You no longer have to carry your golf bag throughout the whole course, you can just use a remote control golf caddy. You can keep fit because you can walk the course, but help your back by not carrying your bag. Saving the course and the environment Using a remote control golf caddy helps to reduce the emissions that come from a motorized caddy. You’re not driving all over the course, you’re walking it and saving the gas. Electric golf caddies also weigh a lot less than motorized ones meaning that they damage the course much less. Most electric caddies don’t leave track marks on the course, and are better for ensuring the health of the grass. They do less damage or wear and tear to the course, and prolong the use of your golf course. Most caddies are battery operated so they don’t even require a miniscule amount of gas. Having an electric golf caddy can also save you money in the long run. If you consider how much the rental of a caddy or motorized golf caddy is every time you play golf, investing in an electric golf caddy makes a lot of sense. Take away Investing in an electric golf caddy could have many benefits to your golf game and health. Walking the course helps you get a minor workout in while playing a round. It can also help you focus on the feel of the golf course more, and get into a better rhythm for playing. Using an electric caddy can also help save the golf course you use, by prevent damage to the grass with a motorized golf cart. Try an electric golf caddy and see what it can do for your course and your golf game.
August 26, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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