When you think of CartTek, your first thought is quality electric trolleys and caddies that can help you tote your golf clubs along any course. You may consider upgrading from your entry level GRX-950 trolley to the newer GRi-1000Li or the GRX-1250Li remote-controlled caddy. Then you can head out to the golf course with all the equipment you need for a great day of walking golf. Yet before you pack your car, consider all the electric golf trolley accessories that can be added to your caddy to make it even more versatile and golfer-friendly. Here are several accessories you may want to pick up to make your golf game one to remember every single time you hit the course. Golf Bags CartTek carries a wide range of golf club bags, travel bags and carry bags based on the items you want to store inside. The GB-25 golf cart bag is designed to fit every type of trolley and caddy offered at CartTek and will fit some electric trolleys offered by other manufacturers. Have a remote-controlled caddy? No problem. The GB-24 bag will keep your clubs clean and dry when you are ready to use them. When you are looking for a travel/carry bag to fold your trolley and caddy inside when keeping it in the car or at home, we offer you sturdy and durable bags that will last for years. Our travel/carry bags will hold the 1200, 1250, 975 and GRX-950 models of electric and remote control caddies. Don't forget to pick up the padded storage seat for the caddy too.

Device Holders and Baskets Snap on holders and baskets can fit perfectly onto the handles and bars of your CartTek caddy or trolley no matter the model it is. We provide a stainless steel holder for balls and scorecards so you don't have to place the items into your pocket. When you get thirsty, take a drink from the water bottle in the mesh bottle holder before it is your turn at the tee. Then, when the rain falls down from a random spring shower, keep dry with the umbrella attached in the umbrella holder until the storm clouds pass. With more people keeping track of course information and golf swing stats, we decided it would be a good idea to have a holder for their mobile devices. At CartTek, we provide multimedia holders for smartphones, MP3 players, GPS devices and other electronics. You can keep a steady flow of power to your caddy with the battery basket to store your lithium-ion battery for GRi-1500Li or GRi-975Li trolleys. We also provide a battery extension when you want to hide your battery in a travel bag to keep it safe from bad weather. Sand and Seed Container Divots happen. Yet as a responsible golfer, you try to fix any that you make to the course. Have a Fix and Mix, seed and sand container handy. This accessory fits right on your trolley or in your bag as you can keep the green looking great for the next golfer who is playing that hole. Don’t be without the electric golf trolley accessories that will make your golf game easier. CartTek offers what you are looking for and much more at the prices you desire. You will be glad to have these items with you every day when playing a golf game by yourself or with friends.

December 28, 2015 — Dick Northrop

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