When it comes to the sport of golf, all players agree that it is game that has a range of challenges. It requires dedication to the craft but also allows people to just get out there and have fun whacking at a ball to see how close you get it to the green. Yet the one highly debated topic is whether to ride a cart or walk the course.

Getting Out for a Good Walk

For many people, getting out to the golf course is the only exercise they get for the entire week. In a society that suggests that people should get out more and get our bodies in better shape, going to the golf course only to ride in a cart feels almost like a cheat -- like a child promising to eat the cup of salad on their plate if they can have two ice cream cones later. Walking the course offers so many benefits to a golfer. Yes, it can start to become tiring once reaching the 17th or 18th hole. Yet this issue happens with any sport that you are playing for several hours, such as basketball, baseball, or soccer. Your body naturally grows tired the longer you engage in the sport during that time period. Yet building up your endurance over time will allow your body to adjust. Your body grows stronger as you don't tire out as quickly. If you hop into the golf cart, the only times you are moving your body is when you walk over to the ball, take a swing, and walk back to the cart. You are no longer challenging your body to become stronger because you are taking away the activities that helps to build more endurance. Instead of only growing tired at the 17th or 18th hole, you begin feeling tired at the 12th hole or 8th hole as you are cutting back on your walking. Don't let golf carts spoil a good walk. Increase your endurance, and check out the great scenery, by hopping out the golf cart and getting your feet walking across the course.
March 19, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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