Watching people bypass the golf carts and walk the golf course might have inspired you to do the same. Joining the ranks of walking golfers will offer you a range of amazing perks. You'll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery more without watching it whiz by the moving golf cart. You can get your body moving while stretching and strengthening muscles. You also have the opportunity to meet other golfers while sharing in the camaraderie of the game. If you are ready to become a walking golfer, you want to have all the right gear. Check out our advice to make the walk across the course more enjoyable.

Lighten your bag

Ask a walking golfer about the number of clubs that they actually use. Many of them will tell you that they don't have a full set. Instead, they carry from 8 to 10 clubs in their bags. If you can lighten the number of clubs in your bag, this will be less excess weight on your back. You won't tire yourself out while walking.

Use a rolling golf trolley or remote-controlled caddy

If you want to carry all 14 golf clubs yet still walk the course, you can invest in a golf trolley. There are electric trolleys and remote-controlled caddies that will lug the heavy load for you. All you have to do is steer the trolley or caddy in the direction you want to go. You can even have it follow behind or in front of you without having to hold the handles when using a remote control.

Enjoy your day while walking the golf course

Wearing the right clothes, putting on good walking shoes, and finding other ways to carry your heavy golf bag will allow you to walk the golf course while still being comfortable. Join the ranks of walking golfers and gear up with the right items.
March 07, 2018 — Natalie Montoya

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