You Never Know Who Will be Your Caddie

It can be a bummer to head out to the golf course and not have your caddie by your side, especially when you are playing tournament level golf. Caddies are much more than just bag carriers. They are the golfer's assistant when they need a wide range of help such as reading putts, cleaning clubs, raking and calculating yardage, among other things. Having a caddy by your side can definitely be an asset, one that we don't think about when your favorite caddy isn't available.

Never Know Who Will Volunteer as Your Caddie

Recently at the El Bosque Mexican Championship, pro Wesley Bryan found himself bereft without his caddy. The usual looper role was reserved for his brother George. Yet Bryan's brother couldn't be there to help as George was trying to qualify for the next event of this tour. So Bryan did what many of us do when stuck in a situation and needing some emotional support. He took to Twitter to talk about his woes. Then Bryan took it a step farther. As a fun idea, he asked his followers to retweet on whether they would like to see Chad Coleman as his caddy at the Championship. Chad Coleman is the social media manager for Callaway Golf. Nobody expected to him to agree as the two struck a deal that if the Twitter post reached 100 retweets, Coleman would pack his bags and head out to the course. The retweets came pouring in and, after getting the clearance from Coleman's boss, he officially became Wesley Bryan's caddy.

One of a Kind Experience

As great friends when not on the course, they took their friendship to the next level as Coleman and Bryan had a great time during the competition. While Bryan didn't expect Coleman to do all the traditionally things that caddies do, he did call upon his friend to calculate yardage and read putts on occasion, sometimes to laughable results. One time, Coleman was off by his calculations by 100 yards. Yet both men said it was a wonderful experience, and Coleman learned enough while out on the course to become confident in the role. At the end, Bryan shot 71-67, as he won by four shots. His win over the weekend became his second for the Tour season and he already has his PGA Tour card to move on to the next session.

Caddying in Coleman's Future?

Of course, with both men being avid social media buffs, the events of the championship were documented for their followers on Instagram and Twitter. When asked if he would leave Calloway to pursue this new avenue as a golf caddy, Coleman was quick to decline. After being sore from all the walking, he was happy to have a great story to share with the grandkids in the years to come.
May 23, 2016 — Natalie Montoya

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