If you’ve been paying attention to golf trends recently, you may have seen a trending golf accessory, the oversized putter grip. They come made by a handful of brands and are designed to make everything in your swing steadier. About Most grips are parallel from the top down, but some are tapered. You can purchase them and get them put on the end of your putters. Some putters for sale now, even feature handles with large grips. They were designed to improve consistency. Most players when they swing, experience a bit of inconsistency. When they bring their putter back, they can experience a slight wiggle. Pros Oversized putter grips were designed to relieve some tension in the hands and arms during putting. They tend to settle wrist movement during a swing, minimizing any potential wiggle. Some players find them more comfortable, and like the feel. Cons Some players don’t like oversized putter grips, as it’s a completely new feel. It changes up the way you go about your swing, at least mentally, because it’s an entirely new way of gripping your putter. Some players don’t like them because they think you can lose the feel of the swing because of the size of the handle. Another small con is that they can potentially throw off the weight of your putter. Divided Opinions Some are divided on the club as it definitely changes the way it feels in your hands. If the grip is lighter, the club head feels heavier. It increases the swing weight, vs a heavier grip making the head feel much lighter than before. Take Away It really comes down to personal preference and how it feels to you. Some feel that it completely changes the movement of your wrist, actually reducing wrist movement. Which brings the swing back to just your shoulders. So try one out the next time you hit the golf course. If a friend has one, or your local golf shop has one you can try out. There aren’t any terrible pros and cons either way. It all comes down to how it feels to you, and whether or not you like how it changes or improves your swing.
April 27, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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