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Golfing gadgets are being created constantly to help golfers improve their skills and find enjoyment during their game play. One type of device that is constantly getting a makeover is the rangefinder. Rangefinders are used to calculate the distance to the green so golfers can select the right club to use to improve their pars and beat their friends. For years, laser rangefinders were used to create the calculations. They could be held up in one hand while a person stood at the tee, or the rangefinder was in the shape of binoculars that were held in front of the face.

With the growing technologies, these laser finders have been slowly replaced by GPS golf watches. These watches can do mostly the same thing as their larger cousins while offering a host of other benefits. As more technological advances are done to improve the way people play golf, these GPS golf watches will increase their design capabilities. Here are some of the benefits to using a GPS golf watch.

1: Portability

It can't get much easier than slapping on the watch and taking it to the golf course. Portability is the top benefit that these watches have over handheld devices. The watch is lightweight and thin, so it doesn't feel cumbersome to wear as all a person has to do is flip their wrist to check out the information featured on the display. It also can speed up the golf game as the golfer doesn't have to constantly go to their bag to get the larger type of rangefinders and then placing them back into the bag to make the shot. A GPS golf watch is definitely something a person won't be able to lose when walking along their favorite courses.

2: Functionality

Every GPS watch will offer different capabilities to be competitive in the product market. So a golfer will have to compare devices to find out what each watch has to offer. Basic features will include yardage information, stopwatch meter, odometer, and of course tell the person the time. There may also be advanced features based on the manufacturer that could include a scorecard that will let you input the information right into the touchscreen without worrying about hitting a multitude of buttons, flag pin locations and the ability to connect to other mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

3: Simple Design

Nobody wants to fiddle with an over-complicated and flashy device that is more of a distraction than it is a benefit. The GPS golf watches are a simple design and they come in black and white colors. The fact that a person can just touch the screen or the convenient buttons to instantly get the information is a plus when you are playing a competition against golf friends. Also, the watch will go with most golfing attire as it won't clash against a golfer's great fashion sense when out on the green.

4: Durability

If a golfer wants durability, they will find it with the GPS golf watch. It has a long-lasting battery life so you won't find it shutting down by the 12th hole. Also, most watches are water resistant. So if a golfer happens to lose a ball right at the edge of a water hole, they can retrieve it without worrying about the watch getting wet and malfunctioning.

5: Affordability

The GPS golf watch is more affordable right now than other GPS devices because they are still considered new to the golf market. With many people already having golf rangefinders, manufacturers are trying to coax new golfers and those people looking to replace their old rangefinder devices with these golf watches. As technology becomes more advanced and when the GPS golf watch gains in popularity, a person may find the prices will increase as brands become more competitive with each other. A person can wait to see what new watches come on the market or take advantage of a GPS golf watch now as the prices are still low.

6: Course Database

A golfer doesn't have to input information about the resort or club where they are playing a course. The watches are pre-loaded with a course database so the golfer can pull up thousands of courses right on their wrist. They don't even have to tell the watch about the golf course that they are playing. The GPS golf watch will automatically recognize the course that the person is playing and instantly provide the information about the back, front and center and greens in moments.

7: Memberships and Warranties

Most watches won't come with added fees except the purchase price, while others will have membership plans and warranties. While some golfers may find this a hassle, others will enjoy the added benefits in case something happens to the device and it needs repaired or replaced. Always compare the membership fees to decide whether it is something that a person wants to take part in.

8: Software Compatibility

Many of the GPS golf watches will be compatible with other devices such is an iPhone. The type of connectivity a golfer will have will be based on the watch and the manufacturer, so check out to see which personal computers and mobile devices will work the best with the devices before purchasing. Then a person doesn't have to worry about having a device that is not compatible.

GPS Golf Watches Will Appeal To Plenty Of Golfers

From the beginners to the pros, golfers across the country will find numerous benefits leaving the old rangefinders at home and strapping on a GPS golf watch. The number of manufacturers will increase the more this golfing gadget becomes a trend on the golf course. So the number of products that will be on the market will slowly increase. With all the benefits that the watch can give to a person's game, never forget that a person has to decide on the best way to play the course. So use the golfing gadget to its fullest to make the game more enjoyable to play while seeking out to improve skills and shots. In time a golfer may use the device less and less while feeling more confident in their gameplay.

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