There are many kinds of footwear that are appropriate for golfing, shoes with spikes and without. It’s important to find the best kind of shoes for your feet, especially if you’re playing a game of walking golf with your remote-controlled golf cart. Spiked or Cleated Golf Shoes These are classic shoes, that have been the predominantly popular style of shoe for years. The most important part of these shoes is the traction that they provide with the spikes. This shoe also is typically waterproof, which can prove to be useful in most situations. Spiked shoes bring you more stability as you go through your swing, often giving you a batter grip. The upper part of the shoe is more stable, which can also help with grip. Spikeless Shoes The most recent style of golf shoe to hit the golf market is the spikeless shoe. Some refer to it as the street shoe, as it can really be work anywhere and not just the golf course. This shoe was designed with more comfort and style in mind, than golf functionality. These shoes are more flat-soled, and some have smaller rubber studs that act as spikes. These shoes are better suited for flatter surfaces like the driving range. These shoes are a great alternative to spiked golf shoes, as they’re more supportive for the foot. This can also help with back pain, which is why you’ll see a lot of pros wearing this style of golf shoe. The con to wearing a more comfortable and stylish shoe is that you’ll get less stability and grip. These shoes are also far less waterproof than spiked shoes. Golf boots A newer design of golf shoe is the golf boot. This still hasn’t risen in popularity like the spikeless shoe has but it’s definitely more useful. This boot was designed to imitate a hiking boot. The boot is also waterproof like the spiked or cleated shoe. This shoe doesn’t allow as much flexibility while you’re taking your swing as other versions, but it’s great for using when hiking during cooler winter months. Golf Sandals Weird concept we know, but golfers that are constantly in warm climates inspired this golf shoe. It’s essentially a sandal, but with a golf shoe bottom. They offer slightly less support than other golf shoes, but keep your feet color in a warmer climate.
June 30, 2017 — Natalie Montoya

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