You can't turn around in a pro shop without seeing the latest and greatest GPS watches and devices for golfers. These products are available in a range of sizes, looks and functions that can leave your head spinning. Yet instead of jumping on the best one to use, you are still a little confused over what a GPS device actually does to help your golf game? The only GPS devices that you are used to are the ones that give you driving directions or tell you where the nearest restaurants are in your neighborhood. How does a GPS device work out when you are out on the green?

Basic Functions of GPS Golf Devices

Before getting into what GPS devices can do to improve your golf game, you should understand some of the basic functions of these devices. There are three basic types of GPS used by golfers: handheld devices, golf watches and smart phones. The most basic feature of these devices is to show the yardage of the course you are playing, as some devices have a database of golf courses available in their systems. You can find the distance to the front, back and sides of the green. The device may also tell you the distance to hazards. Additional features the device may have include tracking your shots so you can evaluate your golf game. It will tell you the number of hits you made on the fairway, driving distances and other information including your score card. Some devices also allow you to sync this information to your smartphone or laptop to review your stats.

Improving Your Golf Game with GPS Devices

A golf GPS device can benefit your golf game in a number of ways. You can use the distance feature to create more accurate shots. Everyone knows that playing golf is much more than how far you can hit the ball towards the green. It is also important to know where the best place is to put the ball so you can make the hole in as fewest shots as possible. A golf GPS device helps you figure out the best place to put your ball on the fairway and gives you shot distance information for each club so you can decide on the best one. By having the course information, shot distance information and other stats available, you can make adjustments to your game continuously. Sometimes it can be hard to perform a self-evaluation on your own performance, as you can only rely on your score card as an indicator of how well or how poorly you did out on the course. A golf GPS device records this information and lets you further evaluate your skills. The device breaks down this golf information in easier ways so you can pinpoint the exact issues you have so you can do better the next time you pack your bags in the car and head out to your favorite golf spot.
March 25, 2016 — Dick Northrop

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