Comparing Cart Tek’s GRi-1500Li vs. GRi-1500LiV2 Remote Control Golf Caddies

At Cart Tek, we're keeping up with technology and adding new convenience and durability features in the second version of our GRi-1500Li remote-control golf caddy. As we explain in the video below, we've updated the remote, changed the battery implementation, added new wheels, and put leading-edge MEMS technology to work for you, improving your golf experience. You've probably noticed many of our caddies on golf courses near you.



A Reminder About Social Distancing And How Your Remote-Control Golf Caddy Helps


These days, it's better if we keep a proper social distance and also try not to handle any equipment except our own. Even if you've hired a caddy to help with spotting and club selection, especially on an unfamiliar course, keeping your clubs rolling along and contact-free can be a big plus hygienically.



Advanced MEMS Processor Keeps Your Remote-Control Golf Caddy On Track


You can use the caddy's motor in manual mode and guide it as you control the speed from the handle, enjoying the lightweight feel of a self-propelled cart. You can also send the remote-control golf caddy on ahead, perhaps off to the green while you get out of the rough, or just down the fairway so you can relax and have it waiting for you along the way. The remote control gives you full control of the cart's speed and direction, but terrain can shift its direction of travel. We added an advanced piece of electronics to handle that.



The Micro Electro Mechanical System or MEMS processor adds a slope control and active steering assist function to your GRi-1500Li V2 remote-control golf caddy. The ultra-fast MEMS unit works with you to stay on track, calculating the cart's angle of trajectory. When it recognizes that the caddy is veering off its intended heading, it auto corrects back to that heading. This makes life a lot easier when you're navigating irregular and sloping terrain, or when you're transitioning from the paved cart path to the grass.



Feedback From You And Some New Ideas From Us: Refinements That Make The GRi-1500Li V2 More Convenient


As our top-selling unit for over five years, we've gotten a lot of excellent ideas for how to make a great product even better as validated by our customer reviews. Our team has implemented quite a few of them and updated our popular remote-control golf caddy to be even more convenient to use and maintain. We've also added a few new colors!



New Remote-Control Caddy Colors


We now offer four colors for the remote-control golf caddy: black, gunmetal gray, silver, and white. We've also updated the main wheel design and included them in your color scheme.



Remote-Control Caddy Wheel And Tread Enhancements


Broader, replaceable tread gives your V2 unit more control and stability on its larger wheels. This also gives you the ability to renew your wheel tread whenever it wears excessively while keeping your color-coordinated wheels. We've updated the wheel hubs and hubcaps for an improved look and feel using solid machined billet aluminum.



Streamlining And Ruggedizing the Remote-Control Caddy


Starting with the front, we've added a bumper to protect the frame's paint job and turned the battery 90 degrees, so it aligns with the frame. We've also adjusted the lower bag support to provide more spacing from the rear anti-tilt wheel, so they won't come into contact when jostling on rugged terrain.



Easy Bag Loading with the Remote-Control Caddy


The improved lower bag rest bracket is matched with a wider, adjustable upper bag rest that fits bags better, accommodating wider sizes and holding golf bags of varying sizes more tightly.



Simple Maintenance for the Remote-Control Caddy


In addition to moving the battery 90 degrees, we've modified the battery cable so that it connects to the base of the handle rather than down on the lower frame itself. This provides a less exposed cable routing. We've also designed the cable so that after years of use, when it's time to replace the connector, it's only a pigtail at the end that will need attention. The bungee on the front is now easily replaceable too, ensuring that you can make sure this convenient feature is always available.



Remote-Control Caddy Battery Protection


A neoprene bag provides additional protection for the battery, helping it stay clean and dry in all conditions.



Remote Control Caddy Anti-Tilt Wheel Angle


We've changed the size of the rear anti-tilt wheel and adjusted its position to further limit the backwards tilt of your remote-control golf caddy when going up hills or transitioning from one type of terrain to another.



Remote Control Caddy Accessories: Drink, Umbrella, And Scorecard Holders


The mesh drink holder has been replaced by a larger, more durable drink holder. The umbrella holder has remained the same, and we've heard that it also provides a great mounting point for sports cameras to record your game. The scorecard holder has been relocated to the side for easier access.



Updated And Improved “Remote” in the Remote-Control Caddy


There are lots of convenience changes to our remote, though the basic functions remain the same. We've replaced the previous unit with extending antenna and strap, providing instead a simple unit that's easier to hold and use, with a belt clip that also attaches it to the end of the caddy's handle and a magnet attachment as well. Pairing of the remote is now wireless, eliminating the need for a USB connection.



Don't Forget the Caddy’s Runaway Control Features


While we're talking about the remote, don't forget that our unit generally provides speed stability going downhill, but using the "back" button can also slow descent on very steep terrain. If the cart is in motion and doesn't receive a remote command for 60 seconds, it will stop and wait for you -- no need to chase after it if you drop the remote!



Updated In The GRi-1500 LTD Remote-Control Caddy, Too


All these new features have also been implemented in our GRi-1500 LTD model for your convenience. We hope you'll enjoy the new directional technology and other updates that make Cart Tek’s remote-control golf caddies the best in golf.




November 23, 2020 — Tyler Northrop

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