Best Time of the Day to Play Golf This Summer

You already know that the best time to golf during the summer is whenever you are awake. But to narrow it down, even more, there are a handful of variables you might consider based on your likes and dislikes, as well as where you’ll be swinging your clubs geographically.

In the middle of summer, particularly along the Gulf Coast from Galveston to Miami and up to Memphis, you’ll find that July is pretty warm, but the humidity makes it hot and muggy. Likewise, if you’re playing in Houston or Atlanta, you’ll want to catch the extra breeze late in the evening for the best golf.

Fortunately, you’ll also find that the hours of daylight are longest in June (the 21st) and begin to taper off afterward. It can get humid in America’s Breadbasket too, so if you’re playing in the Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana area, you might find it a bit hot and moist after 2 pm. Playability is excellent early in the morning when you can beat the midday sun and might be more appealing.

Playing Golf in the Heat

If you’re looking for heat, many inland states will oblige, from Nebraska in July to Arizona and Nevada during May through August are the warmest. You’ve got to live life like a lizard at times, enduring 115-degree weather, but Phoenix and Las Vegas have dozens of great courses with their lowest rates of the year in July and August. Again, early and late tee times are best.

Those hot months can be taxing, so playing with an electric golf caddy will keep you fit without adding sunstroke to your game. If you travel north to Reno or west to Northern California and up to Oregon and Washington, you’ll find some fantastic weather June through mid-September.

The best part is you’ll catch the dry season, with crisp mornings and warm, clear weather. High clouds and low winds accompany you from 7 am until noon. If you want to be first on the course, you won’t need a jacket most mornings. Just be ready for a bit of moisture on the greens if you've got an early bird tee time from 6 to 7 am.

Walking the Course in Summer

Golf offers excellent health benefits, especially if you are walking the course. But hefting a heavy bag across your shoulders during the hot summer months can be more detrimental than beneficial. Using a stylish, super reliable electric golf trolley from Cart Tek can make your time golfing even more enjoyable.

 You’ll always have the right club with you since you can roll right up to the green or across casual water with ease. And you’ll help keep the course in perfect shape.

A Cart Tek remote control golf cart like the GRi-1500Li V2 can also reduce any strain on your back and shoulders while it tags along behind you or runs a few feet in front or to your side after you grab your next club or keep hydrated with a cool drink from your bag.


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