Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Best Time of Day for Golf - Electric Golf Caddies & Trollies

Get inside tips on the best time of day to play golf this summer. Shop the best remote-control electric golf trollies & caddies from Cart Tek for your golf game.
Best Drivers of 2019

Best Drivers of 2019

Last month, we reviewed the three best mallet putters of 2019. Next we turn to drivers. If you’re looking to go the distance with your next driver, take your pick from these top-rated drivers. Callaway Epic Flash Flash is the new flagship driver for Callaway, and with good reason. The increased ball speed you will experience from connection was developed by a supercomputer using the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI was able to fix age-old problems that occurred from simply not having enough viable research to optimize ball speed. The Flash also includes a stiff club head that creates more face flex, weight savings from a triaxial carbon crown, and a 16-gram sliding weight for adjustable balancing. Cleveland Launcher HB Cleveland Golf is best known for its wedges, but if you need a forgiving and powerful driver, look to this brand as well. The top model 460cc Launcher HB gives you an extremely light hosel, a HiBore crown and Flex-Fin sole design that optimizes impact compression for unprecedented power from this line. The Launcher HB is great for middle- and high-handicap players who are looking for more ball speed. Mizuno ST 190 The ST 190 is the most advanced driver from Mizuno to date. The SP700 titanium face increases the strength of the driver by about 10% over your traditional 6.4 titanium. You save a great deal of weight from the carbon composite crown, and the sole design is created to resemble an accordion for a more forgiving launch. Mizuno also provides a back weight to increase stability on shots that are a bit off center. Srixon Z 785 The Z 785 is designed for professionals by professionals. It is defined as a 460cc club, but its smaller profile gives it a higher workability than the Z 585, Srixon's game improvement club for higher handicappers. The extremely lightweight carbon crown works well with the Ti51AF Cup Face to give you improved speed as well as a low spin flight pattern for greater distance and accuracy. You also have the customization system and quick tune adjustment features to play around with, giving you the opportunity to tweak the loft dynamics and weight on your drive. Titleist TS2 The TS2 is arguably the best driver from the most well-known brand in the game, and that’s saying something. The Speed Chassis alone required two years to upgrade. The SureFit hosel, super thin and lightweight titanium crown, fully adjustable swing weight and customizable face thickness give you one of the most advanced 460cc shapes on the market. The level of forgiveness on this club alongside its great workability means that it’s great for professionals and recreational players who are looking for that perfect piece of technology to improve their game. You can’t go wrong with any of these top-rated drivers in your golf bag - so pick the one that is best for your unique style of play!
2016 Best Golf Equipment To Have in Your Bag

2016 Best Golf Equipment To Have in Your Bag

Golf equipment is becoming so advanced that it is hard to keep track on what has rolled out on the market. Yet this situation is a good thing for golfers. It gives them a wide range of choices that allows them to hone in on the best drivers, putters, wedges and fairway woods that will work wonders at their skill levels. You've probably already heard the hype for irons that have been destined for greatness, such as the Callaway Great Big Bertha series, Cobra King series and Titleist 915 series. Instead of reiterating how great these clubs are, we've gathered together the short list of the best 2016 equipment that features irons that have flown under the radar yet still deserve some time in the spotlight.

Drivers: Ping G

The Ping G is getting solid marks for performance, feel and innovative technologies from golfers of all experience levels. This driver has unique turbulators along the crown to make it thinner so it is more forgiving when hitting the ball. It tackles spin and slices due to its LS Tec and FS Tec for more control and stability. There is less vibration to the drive, enhancing the "feel" aspect for golfers.

Fairway Woods: TaylorMade M1

Adjustability has become so commonplace that we expect it to be available for all of our fairway woods. The TaylorMade M1 has so many adjustable features to make your head spin. With the range of lofts along the hostel and the sliding weights, you can tweak this fairway wood so the ball flies the way you want it. Learning how to adjust the weights becomes essential to take full advantage of the wood. Player reviews are quick to talk about how penetrating the shots are as well as the physical power you can put behind it due to the light carbon-composite crown without having to worry about a lot of spin.

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 2.0/CB

When it comes to the Cleveland RTX 2.0/CB, it is considered by golfers in the low, mid and high-handicap range as an all-around performer that is the perfect weight and sound. This wedge features milled surface grooves to give the appropriate spin enhancement and also provides 36 loft options. It works superbly in sand to place the ball where it should go. When it comes to golf equipment for 2016, we are just barely scratching the surface for available clubs on the market. Nike, Mizuno, Wilson and other manufacturers are attempting to make their mark in the industry by introducing irons with increased technology for more game improvement. Adding these clubs to the lineup with popular Callaway, Cobra, and Titleist equipment will allow you to have the set of go-to clubs in your bag when you head out to the course.

Top Ten Myrtle Beach, SC Golf Courses

Beautiful View Of The Golf Course To The Sea And Palm Trees. Por Talk about Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and you will have dozens of people telling you their own personal stories about spring break. Yet Myrtle Beach also inspires tales of glory and competition for those who love wielding a nine iron. Golf courses abound in Myrtle Beach as this location has well over 100 courses to select from based on skill level, price, and every other preference in-between. When you place the clubs in the car and put your foot on the gas for a road trip across the country, you have to stop at the following 10 golf courses that make Myrtle Beach a memorable golfing experience. Once you've played these courses, you can compare them to each other and create your own list of the must-play locations during certain parts of the golf season so you can enjoy your time out on the links.

Caledonia Golf & Fish Club Bring a bit of historic plantation life to your golf game at the Caledonia. Spanish moss-draped oak trees, an antebellum clubhouse, and the relics of rice plantations can be found among the 6,526 yards of playable courses. Designed by architect Mike Strantz, Caldeonia is where you can find rich history, good old-fashion cooking and golf times among a course that can challenge your skills.

Grande Dunes Located along Grand Strand is the longest course in the country at 7,618 yards. Grande Dunes has a resort style layout with intracoastal views of the waterway that can take your breath away. The course was designed by Roger Rulewich and can be considered very challenging due to the high winds, water hazards and multi-level fairways. The course is located north of the Myrtle Beach International Airport if you want to take a quick flight out to get in a few rounds on the course.

The Dunes Golf & Beach Club Oaks and coastal terrain greet golfers at the revered Dunes Golf & Beach Club. It was designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and has been named one of the top 100 courses since 1948. The course has hosted the Senior Tour Championship and the 2014 PGA Professional National Championships. The course sports water holes, elevated greens, and penal bunkers that will test even the fiercest golf warrior.

Heritage Club Along Pawley's Island is the Heritage Club where you can enjoy rolling green hills and enjoyable cocktails. Avoid the water holes and you could find a great time here as you sharpen your skills among the tall oaks. You will put this course on your list to go to year after year to unwind from a hard day's work.

True Blue Plantation Looking for more golf after leaving the Caledonia? Then head on across the street and play at the True Blue Plantation. Although these two golf courses are located so close to each other, they both have different elements that set them apart. Also designed by Mark Strantz, the course has many surprises that can make it entertaining each time you pick up the golf clubs. You will discover hidden greens and pitfalls that will leave you chuckling and determined to conquer the course.

Rivers Edge Golf Course Head up to the northern tip of the Grand Strand and you will find the Rivers Edge located among the marshes and low country. Erik Larsen and Arnold Palmer designed this location as they made the course go with the flow of the land without removing dirt. The rolling hills and fairways will appeal to people of all skill levels as the Rivers Edge will let you find the right holes to truly show off your skills.

Barefoot Resort Want to find the best elevated greens combined with some remarkable tree-lined fairways that may be considered the best in Myrtle Beach? Then try the Barefoot Resort. Considered one of the top 100 courses by Golf Magazine, the Barefoot Resort has chipping areas and turtle-back greens located among old plantation relics that were recreated to give a southern flavor to your golf game. Take off your shoes and hit the course, or leave them on. Whatever way you desire to play golf, you will make the most out of your golf game when you visit this resort.

Tidewater Golf Course & Plantation When you are not taking photos of the marshes and forested bluffs at the Tidewater, you are getting your golf arm ready to play a rigorous game. The Tidewater has 7,000 yards of playable terrain that also provides you with the gorgeous scenery of the Intracoastal Waterway and the sailboats. When concentrating on the course, you will find twists, bends and rises, as each course is unique. You will find the one that you will want to play again and again, but first let the other golfers have a swing at it.

TPC Myrtle Beach Travel south from the Myrtle Beach International Airport to Murrells Inlet and you will find the TPC Myrtle Beach course. Tom Fazio designed this course back in 1990 as it had the honor of hosting the 2000 Senior Tour Championship. If you are looking to really show off your golf skills, this course will challenge you with its abundance of water along the back side. The semi-island green will test your mettle to see if you can make it in two shots on the par-3 17th.

Pine Lakes Country Club Looking to get nostalgic with your golf game? Head out to the Pine Lakes Country Club that was the very first course located in Myrtle Beach. Once called Ocean Forest in 1927 and nicknamed "The Grandaddy," part of the course was created by PGA inaugural President Robert White as it was later revised by architect Craig Schreiner. Go along the 6,675 yards as you will find amazing hazard placement and contouring. You will step back in time when playing this course.

Enjoying Golf In Myrtle Beach Since there are so many wonderful golf courses located in Myrtle Beach, you will probably find one that is on top of your favorite's list that was not mentioned here. Take advantage of great golf located all throughout this area as you will find the one that will appeal and challenge your current skill level. Get outside and play this great game throughout the year while avoiding the college crowds on spring break that have been hitting the beaches. When the crowds depart, the golf courses will remain as you will create long-lasting memories and great stories about your golf game that will inspire others to pick up their own golf bags, dust them off, and head out to Myrtle Beach. Remote Controlled Golf Cart | Bag For Electric Golf Trolley

Should your golf clubs be custom made?

People are always asking whether they should get custom-made golf clubs. Perhaps the answer they should first ask is how dedicated are they to playing the game? If they are only hitting the golf course once or twice a year -- or every other year -- then custom-made golf clubs probably won't do them much good to improve their skills and performance. Yet if you are a dedicated golfer whose hands are itching for their favorite golf course to open for the spring season, then getting clubs that are fitted to you would be ideal. Golf equipment. Professional golf clubs in a leather baggage at

Reasons Why People Should Consider Custom-Made Clubs

Perhaps the biggest reason is that stock clubs don't take into account an individual person's height, hand size, swing speed, or arm length. While we like to believe that clubs are designed for every golfer when selecting ones already made at the pro shop, in reality people will have different physiques and skill levels that simply don't match what is readily available. No matter which you choose, remote control caddies will help you get those clubs around the course. Custom clubs take everything into account about the golfer, from your swing to your posture, to give you the most benefits and forgiveness while out on the course. Since these clubs are designed for you to perfect the right techniques for your body and skill level, the clubs work to adjust to your preferences to become a better player. Stock clubs don't give such benefits. If you happen to have the wrong clubs for your physique, posture or swing, you will be trying to adjust your body to make the clubs work right for you. In this instance, you could be developing bad habits because you are unnaturally compensating yourself and creating inconsistent swings that you should not be adopting. Yet these are not the only factors to consider when you are debating about getting golf clubs that are custom made. You need to have all your measurements taken and your skills evaluated with a custom fitter. This could take at least an hour and the price for the fitting and the clubs may be too high of a price for some people to pay. These factors usually discourage people from getting custom clubs. Unfortunately, you may end up spending more if you don’t have custom-made golf clubs. Ill-fitted clubs could have you throwing money away at golf lessons. In the end, you can't properly perfect new skills because of the wrong equipment. Also, when you discover that you do need better clubs, you will spend money obtaining new ones where you could have avoided paying the double expense. Once you have the clubs you want, you can add style and class by getting them around in electric golf trolleys. A person needs to take all factors into consideration when debating about getting golf clubs that are custom fitted. If your golf game doesn't seem to be improving no matter how many lessons you take or hours you spend on the golf course, or your game seems to be backsliding, you may want to consider clubs made to your body and skills that will help you have a better game.

How to hit out of the sand trap

golf shot from sand bunker golfer hitting ball from hazard

You take your shot and see the ball go flying in the air towards the bunker as you are waving your hands hoping that the ball will magically go into a different direction. No such luck shines on your head this day on the golf course as the ball smacks down onto the sand. Nobody likes the sand trap. Yet some golfers have an easier time getting the ball out of the bunker and positioned at the right place on the green without taking extra shots. If you are one of these golfers, check out our sand trap tips below. Electric golf caddies can also provide you an easier, and more enjoyable golfing experience.

Hitting It Out Of the Sand Trap

Some of the basic mistakes amateurs make is that they try to smack at the ball like they are digging a gopher hole, or they get nervous and swish the club over the ball with feather touches with the ball getting no height to its flight. Learn how to hit out of a sand trap by following these simple steps.


Golfers of all skill levels tend to stiffen up when they have to make a shot out of the sand trap. Yet being tense will not allow you to take the proper stance or swing. Relax and think about where you want to place the ball. Once you have an idea on where to put the ball for the next shot, you can now focus on getting the ball out of the sand. Using remote control caddies can be a great addition to your golf game as well.

Make Your Stance

Get into the right position to make the best swing. Take you left foot and pull it back as you bend your knees slightly. Then bring your hands back toward your body with both elbows bent. You want to make a shorter backswing as you focus on giving the ball more loft to make it out of the edge of the sand trap.

Open The Clubface

You want to have an open clubface with the face almost looking up at the sky above. Make this swing more of a chip shot to get the ball under the club and up into the air as the club should make a bounce off of the sand as it strikes the ball. Instead of digging in the club, you should be trying to throw sand up into the air along with the ball.

Swing With A Bit less Speed

Don't put all your strength into the swing. Pull back to about 80 percent of your speed and swing the club down as it you are trying to scoop the ball from the sand and toss it to the ideal position. Follow through with the swing without stopping and ensure that you hit the ball without letting the club hit the sand first.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Review

Golf Clubs On A Course A golf club that adjusts to what you want to do. Does that sound like a dream come true? Well, this dream has turned into a reality with the Big Bertha Alpha 815 by Callaway. One of the top drivers that even the average Joe could love, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 has created a new driver category that other clubs want to strive to be a part of as this driver paves the path toward a club that offers distance, a lower spin and a forgiving nature on the course.

The Key Aspects of the Big Bertha Alpha 815

One of the unique aspects of the Big Bertha Alpha 815 is the gravity core rod. This little rod is designed to either increase or decrease the center of gravity along the clubhead to assist the golfer. This core rod has two weights on each end, one with a 1.5 grams of nylon weight and the other end has a 10.5 grams of tungsten weight. If you place the rod into the clubhead with the tungsten inside, you decrease the amount of spin with the shot. Place the nylon weight into the clubhead and you can produce greater spin. With this little rod, you can decide on the best launch, speed and spin for your abilities and the course that you are playing. If you are a golfer interested in smashing that ball with gusto, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 has a titanium face, composite crown and thin face that allows for stability throughout your swing. Your club won't feel like it has shifted out of your control during the downward swing as you can get up close to that tee in confidence. For average players looking for a little forgiveness, the Big Bertha Alpha 815 offers has a large profile and a 460 cubic centimeter chassis. Also, you can have more control of your fades and draws with heel and toe removable plugs. Maximizing distance and improving control isn't a faraway dream when a player is out on the course using the Big Bertha Alpha 815. Callaway has done some major improvements since last year's Big Bertha Alpha models. Many players will appreciate the workability that these drivers offer to their game as they will try to find the perfect adjustments that fit into their skill abilities. The Big Bertha Alpha 815 is available with premium shafts and custom shafts for all types of golfers. This driver promises to be a big hit with golfers due to its high level of launch, lower ball spin and great speed even for players who occasional have a wrong hit on the ball as the driver will still give acceptable distance. This club will look great rolling around in a remote control golf cart.

Titleist 915F Fairway Review

Playing golf. Golf club and ball. Preparing to shotGolf technology has taken the fairways by storm with the latest woods that offer the best distance and performance for golfers of all skill levels. Titleist is renowned for making the most of these technological advancements as about every golfer has either bought or tried out their 913 models to put it through its paces. They loved the slimmed hostel, improved precision, the forgiving nature and increased ball speed. So what possible could Titleist do for their newest 915F Fairway woods? Apparently, they could do a lot. Something surprising about the Titleist 915F was the increased distance, making this one the longest fairway wood a golfer can possess. Even when using the same golf speed during the swing, there was an increased carry distance of about 3 yards and almost a 2.5 mph golf speed. This surprising result was due to the new Active Recoil Channel (ARC) on the face of the larger head. The Active Recoil Channel is a deep cutout positioned slightly forward along the sole. This feature is designed to give more flexibility and recoil to the crown and sole. Make a shot and watch as the ball travels higher. There is also less spin as you have more control on where you want the ball to go. The 913 models lacked such a distance even when making the shot with the same speed. Also, the 915F has an higher MOI design for more stability given to the ball during the shot. So what else is there to talk about with the Titlest 915F? Another noticeable feature is its forgiving nature. The fairway wood has an ultra thin and larger face. Hit the ball lower on the face, and you will still see the shot fly far as if you would have struck the ball on the center of the face. You can get that ball up in the air with the speed that will almost bring a tear to the eyes. When it comes to looks, the Titlest 915F has a sleek and pleasing design that won't have you hesitate to use it. The only slight drawback is that the ARC doesn't have any fill to it. So there will be debris lurking. But other than that, nothing serious that will cause you to stow the wood away into the back of the closet. Titleist is making great strides in creating superior performance and accuracy to their newest fairway woods. The 915F is definitely a leap in the right direction as people will be grabbing these woods from off of the shelf. There are five lofts available to select from: 13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°. Now is the time to get out on the fairway and see what this club can do for your game.