golf shot from sand bunker golfer hitting ball from hazard

You take your shot and see the ball go flying in the air towards the bunker as you are waving your hands hoping that the ball will magically go into a different direction. No such luck shines on your head this day on the golf course as the ball smacks down onto the sand. Nobody likes the sand trap. Yet some golfers have an easier time getting the ball out of the bunker and positioned at the right place on the green without taking extra shots. If you are one of these golfers, check out our sand trap tips below. Electric golf caddies can also provide you an easier, and more enjoyable golfing experience.

Hitting It Out Of the Sand Trap

Some of the basic mistakes amateurs make is that they try to smack at the ball like they are digging a gopher hole, or they get nervous and swish the club over the ball with feather touches with the ball getting no height to its flight. Learn how to hit out of a sand trap by following these simple steps.


Golfers of all skill levels tend to stiffen up when they have to make a shot out of the sand trap. Yet being tense will not allow you to take the proper stance or swing. Relax and think about where you want to place the ball. Once you have an idea on where to put the ball for the next shot, you can now focus on getting the ball out of the sand. Using remote control caddies can be a great addition to your golf game as well.

Make Your Stance

Get into the right position to make the best swing. Take you left foot and pull it back as you bend your knees slightly. Then bring your hands back toward your body with both elbows bent. You want to make a shorter backswing as you focus on giving the ball more loft to make it out of the edge of the sand trap.

Open The Clubface

You want to have an open clubface with the face almost looking up at the sky above. Make this swing more of a chip shot to get the ball under the club and up into the air as the club should make a bounce off of the sand as it strikes the ball. Instead of digging in the club, you should be trying to throw sand up into the air along with the ball.

Swing With A Bit less Speed

Don't put all your strength into the swing. Pull back to about 80 percent of your speed and swing the club down as it you are trying to scoop the ball from the sand and toss it to the ideal position. Follow through with the swing without stopping and ensure that you hit the ball without letting the club hit the sand first.

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