Golf Clubs In A Row Getting into the swing of the golf season means having the right golf clubs in your bag to set that white ball sailing through the air and toward the green. Yet one of the worst things to witness is to take your golf club out of the GRi-1500Li remote control caddy, step up to the tee, and take a swing as you see the club head speeding off into the distance while you are still holding the shaft. It is frustrating to lose a club that you have grown used to throughout the years. And because manufacturers are constantly tweaking and changing clubs year after year to give a better performance, you may not find the same exact club to your last one. So what do you do? You don't have to get the club that is the same brand as the rest of your set. You simply need to follow the USGA rules for the number of clubs you need in your bag. You can only have up to 14 clubs in the bag -- usually people have 12 consisting of three woods, 8 irons and a putter -- and that if you do lose a club, you can only borrow a replacement from a partner that you are playing the game with on the course. Most people have the same golf clubs in their set because it looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Yet your first priority is to simply look for a club that feels comfortable for you to use. If you are having problems looking for the golf clubs with the right fit, you can have a professional fitter help you. A fitter will evaluate your swing, grip, posture and other aspects to determine the golf club that will be the right one. There are no golf clubs that are one-size-fits-all. So you may end up getting a custom club made specifically for you. Once you have your new club, get back out on the links and enjoy the game as it should be played. It won't matter in the end of the club matches the rest of the set so long as it helps you improve your swing as you have a wonderful time out on the links.

January 26, 2015 — Natalie Montoya

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