golfcourse marqee1 1920x579 When you are watching golf on television, you may think that it is a very sedentary sport. People are stand there swinging a club as the cameras focus on the ball flying through the air. After the commercial break, you see the golfer bending down judging the distance of the ball from the hole as he gets ready with his putter. Yet you will be surprised to hear that golfing offers great exercise to the cardiovascular system. What you don't see during those commercial breaks are golfers who are walking the course. They may be carrying their clubs or using a GRX-1200R remote control caddie to guide their clubs to the 18 holes. Walking around those 18 holes is the equivalent of a person walking 4-5 miles. You can burn up to 300 calories in an hour while this endurance exercise strengths your heart muscles. Walking golf is steadily becoming the preferred way to playing this great sport versus riding in a golf cart. While people with health issues, the elderly and young children should use a golf cart to get around the course, healthy adults should be skipping the cart and walking along the trimmed grass. Playing golf 3 times a week while walking with your clubs would be like going to aerobic exercise classes. This low cardiovascular exercise is perfect for young and older players who want to be fit. Like any exercise, golfers should perform the necessary warm-up exercises before playing to prevent injuries. Stretch your back, arms and shoulders for 15 minutes to loosen up the muscles. If you feel as if you are experiencing a health problem, treat it as you would any other injury when playing a highly active sport. Rest and ice strains and aches, use compression and elevation techniques, and seek out your medical professional for more serious injuries. Golf is an exercise. Do not allow any naysayers to discourage you in engaging in this active sport as you can enjoy all the health benefits while out on the course. Get started with walking golf and push your bags on an electric trolley. You will feel your muscles getting the exercise they need as you may even see your swing improve.
February 05, 2015 — Dick Northrop

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